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      Wisconsin Historical Society

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      Old World Wisconsin bucket hat. The hat is green with white, puffy clouds and the words "Old World Wisconsin" repeated throughout.

      Bucket Hat - Old World Wisconsin

      Reversible. Fun. Cute. Practical. This classic bucket hat features classic motifs from Old World Wisconsin!
      Medium green shirt with tan line drawing of Madeline Island shape and the Ojibwe name Mooniingwanekaaning. Front.

      Mooniingwanekaaning T-Shirt

      Madeline Island T-shirt in conservation green. A custom Society exclusive.
      Picture of Wisconsin Maple Cheese Board

      Wisconsin Maple Cheese Board

      Solid maple and handcrafted in the heart of America's DairyLand.
      Product photo of miniature wood cutout of Old World Wisconsin's Four Mile House, a restored historic stagecoach inn dating to 1853.

      Four Mile House Miniature

      Bring a little Old World Wisconsin into your home. This miniature of Old World Wisconsin's Four Mile House (1853) is detailed, stands on its own, and is made in the U.S.
      	Front of a miniature cutout of Old World Wisconsin's General Store dating to 1876. A "General Store" sign above the porch. Open door. Chimney on top.

      General Store Miniature

      Bring a little Old World Wisconsin into your home. This detailed miniature of Old World Wisconsin's General Store (1876) is open for business. It stands on its own and is made in the U.S.
      Facade of historic St. Peter's Catholic white church as it appears on the miniature home decor piece. Two arched windows, left and right of the entrance, and a steeple atop.

      St. Peter's Church Miniature

      Bring a little Old World Wisconsin into your home with this miniature of Old World Wisconsin's St. Peter's Church (1839). It is detailed, stands on its own, and is made in the U.S!
      Stuffed Animal Badger Plush Toy with brown and white coloring. Black nose with claws.

      Badger Plush Stuffed Animal

      The perfect companion for any young Wisconsinite, this soft, cuddly Badger Plush stands about 11 inches tall and was designed exclusively for the Wisconsin Historical Society store.
      Beeswax Food Wraps

      Beeswax Food Wraps

      Eco-friendly beeswax wraps made of 100% natural organic materials. Package of three - large, medium, and small. A reusable alternative to plastic wraps!
      $24.95 $12.48
      A tan colored tote bag with matching handles.  The illustrated image on the tote shows a big black tree, brown colored grass with white and black mushrooms, outlines of mountains in the skyline, and dotted lines indicating clouds. The text is in black vintage bubble letters and reads "Befriend Nature".

      Befriend Nature Tote

      Show your support for our planet with our custom Befriend Nature tote bag made with ultra strong hemp material! WHS custom design with a design from our historic image collection.
      $28.95 $14.48
      Behind the Brew Belgian Beer Glass displayed with clear glass and blue graphics on showing symbols for water, wheat, hops, and yeast. The words Behind the Brew with Old World Wisconsin below.

      Behind the Brew Belgian Beer Glass

      Belgian style beer glass from Old World Wisconsin's historic brewhouse. Pour and serve your favorite brews! 13 ounces.
      Tall and slender beer glass made with clear glass. The glass is nearly filled with beer, and a foamy top rises just above the brim.

      Behind the Brew Dungeness Beer Glass from Old World Wisconsin

      Dungeness style beer glass from Old World Wisconsin's historic Brewhouse experience. 16 ounces.
      Behind the Brew Trucker Hat in charcoal grey color with tan symbols showing from left to right, water, wheat, hops, and yeast. Under the symbols displays the words Behind the Brew, and Old World Wisconsin.

      Behind the Brew Trucker Hat

      A stylish and practical souvenir from Old World Wisconsin's historic Brewhouse experience.
      Behind the Brew Men's Shirt in charcoal grey dispalying tan symbols for water, wheat, hops, and yeast. Below the symbols includes words Behind the Brew, and Old World Wisconsin.

      Behind the Brew T-Shirt

      Straight from Old World Wisconsin's historic brewery experience. Tap into Wisconsin's brewing history!
      The blue and white cow head pin is situated on a blue placard that says in yellow and white  text "It's not just better with's the law."

      Better with Butter Pin

      Julia Child once said, "with enough butter, anything is good." Show your love of butter with this pin from the Wisconsin Historical Society.
      Black Point Cookbook book cover featuring black and white image of Black Point

      Black Point Estate and Gardens Cookbook

      Have fun making delicious recipes, some modern, some contributed by descendants of Conrad Seipp, and a few even date to the early 1900 's.
      Clear glass tumbler with red and yellow "Brandy Old Fashioned" graphic on side.

      Brandy Old Fashioned Glass

      Celebrate Wisconsin's (unofficial) state cocktail with this unique tumbler, a Society exclusive!
      	Frontside of a dark gray crew-cut t-shirt with an orange and yellow design and font. A yellow lemon slice sits on the lip of an orange, short cocktail glass with a cherry shaped like Wisconsin. The print says "The Brandy Old Fashioned", underneath: "Sweet Sour or Press", underneath: "Muddle. Garnish. Enjoy."

      Brandy Old Fashioned T-Shirt

      Muddle, garnish, & stir. Our brandy old fashioned T-shirt is a Society exclusive. Recipe on the back!
      A blue t-shirt with a cartoon brat sausage in a yellow spotlight says "Brats", underneath "Wisconsin's signature sausage!"

      Brats T-Shirt (small only)

      Perfect for a summer cookout, Bratfest, or for working the grill, this shirt displays your love for brats. Order yours today! Details below.
      $24.95 $6.24
      The frontside of a black crewcut t-shirt with a light blue illustration of a bubbler or drinking fountain with the text "It's a bubbler"

      Bubbler T-Shirt (small only)

      Limited Quantities: This t-shirt was inspired by the unique name Wisconsinites use for the machine that dispenses water in public places. A Society exclusive.
      $24.95 $18.71
      It's  a Bubbler Water Bottle

      Bubbler Water Bottle

      The word "bubbler" is most frequently used in Wisconsin. Show off your Wisconsin pride as you stay hydrated with this unique water bottle.
      Capitol Playing Cards showing five face cards and then the back of card with Blue capitol and light blue sky with yellow clouds.

      Capitol Playing Cards

      Perfect for a friendly game of gin rummy, go fish, or cribbage! Keep a deck in the glove box for road trips, picnics, and lakeside games.
      Two options of the vertical, rectangle pins.

      Conservation Lapel Pins

      Show your support of Wisconsin's beautiful natural environment when you where a conservation lapel pin. WHS custom designs from our historic image collection!
      $8.95 $6.71
      Evergleaming Diner Mug

      Ever Gleaming Diner Mug

      Celebrate America's famed aluminum Christmas trees with every cup. Choose peachy pink or green logos!
      Evergleaming Knit Beanies

      Ever Gleaming Knit Beanie Caps

      Stay warm and nostolgically stylish in an Ever Gleaming knit beanie cap. Available in red, midnight blue, and pink!
      $19.95 $4.99
      Round pin with a white band on the outer edge and red text reading "Ever Gleaming" on top and "Celebrating America's Aluminum Christmas Tree" below. The inner circle is green with a white starburst shape containing a red Christmas tree shape and the green text "Est. 1959".

      Ever Gleaming Lapel Pin

      Unique pin to add to your collection. Features Wisconsin's famous aluminum Christmas tree! Enamel on metal.
      $5.95 $1.49
      Ever Gleaming Mints

      Ever Gleaming Mints

      Stay minty fresh when under the mistletoe, and celebrate America's famed Christmas trees with Ever Gleaming mints! A Society exclusive item!
      	Ever Gleaming Thermos

      Ever Gleaming Thermos

      From mulled wine to cold cider, keep drinks steaming hot or ice cold with a practical Ever Gleaming thermos! A Society design. Tom & Jerry anyone?
      $26.95 $13.48
      Evergleaming Trivet

      Ever Gleaming Trivet

      For the Christmas memoribilia collector who has everything! Practical and nostalgic. Ceramic with cork backing.
      $14.95 $11.21
      Evergleaming Vinyl Sticker

      Ever Gleaming Vinyl Stickers

      Ever Gleaming Vinyl Stickers - 3" Diameter. A Society exclusive item.
      $3.95 $1.98
      Clear glass pilsner glass with green and yellow "Friday Night Fish Fry" graphic on side.

      Fish Fry Pilsner Glass

      A Friday night fish fry isn't complete without drinking your favorite brewed beverage in our fish fry pilsner glass. Order before your next fish fry dinner party!
      Front of the dark green crewcut  t-shirt. Illustrates a yellow musky on the left next to yellow text saying "If it's Friday night, it's fish fry  in Wisconsin". In smaller text underneath "Choice of potato, coleslaw, rye bread"

      Friday Night Fish Fry T-Shirt

      Show off your love of the Friday Night Fish Fry with this unique Wisconsin t-shirt. Green and gold. A Society Exclusive.
      H.H. Bennett "Dell Queen" Journal Cover with photograph of Dell Queen

      H.H. Bennett "Dell Queen" Journal

      Perfect for taking notes, journaling, or lists, this journal features one of H.H. Bennett's most iconic photos of The Dell Queen, an excursion boat that operated on the Wisconsin River at Wisconsin Dells. Details below!
      Lapel pin of a green hodag with gold outlining. The hodag has an oversized bobble head with horns and fangs, talons on his claws, and spikes on the back leading down to his tail.

      Hodag Lapel Pin

      Have you seen a hodag before? Have you spent a lifetime pursing one? Show off your awareness of Wisconsin-lore with a Hodag bobble-head lapel pin. A Society design!
      Black cloth mask with white ties. The mask text is white and reads "I will vote"

      I Will Vote - Suffrage Centennial Face Mask

      Custom Face Mask from the Wisconsin Historical Society. Fashion PPE with a voice.
      $19.95 $4.99
      I Will Vote Key Chain

      I Will Vote Key Chain

      Our I Will Vote key chain is an exclusive Society design. The historical image is from a poster made from an engraving, circa 1910.
      $9.95 $4.98
      I Will Vote Mug seen from 3 angles allowing you to read, I WILL VOTE plus the black and white illustrated suffragist

      I Will Vote Mug

      Get ready for voting-season and celebrate the centennial anniversary of women's rights to vote with this mug, exclusively from the Wisconsin Historical Society! The historical image is from a poster made from an engraving, circa 1910.
      $12.95 $6.48
      Frontside of the white crew cut t-shirt with black ribbing on the neck and sleeves. The black text "I Will Vote" is underneath a black and white engraving of a suffragist  in a Greek costume on a pedestal.

      I Will Vote Shirt

      Get ready for voting season and celebrate the 100th anniversary of women's right to vote with our Society exclusive I Will Vote t-shirt!
      $24.95 $18.71
      Sea Glass Bandana next to both of the bandana styles layed out. Square tan map with light blue lakes and then dark blue blueprint style map.

      Madison Lakes Bandana

      Stay stylish with the Madison Lakes Map Bandana available in two styles, Sea Glass or Blueprint. Fun for pets too!
      $22.00 $16.50
      Two Madison Lakes & Streets hand towels in different styles. Light "Sea Glass" style in front and dark "Blueprint" style in rear.

      Madison Lakes Hand Towels

      Illustrated with a map showing Madison's main streets and 5 lakes. Soft microfiber-cotton blend. A Society exclusive!
      Two blanket samples with light color version in foreground and dark "blue print" style in the background.

      Madison Lakes Plush Throw Blanket

      Stay warm (and remember where you are) with the Madison Lakes Blanket in 2 styles. A Society exclusive!
      $70.00 $35.00
      Microfiber scarves with image imprint of main streets and lakes of Madison, Wisconsin.

      Madison Lakes Sheer Scarf - 2 Styles!

      Venture out in style (and remember where you are) when you wear a Madison lakes map scarf. A light, sheer scarf and a Society exclusive!
      This beer stein shaped pin has a dark red background with a silver outlining of the mug and beer foam.  The silver text reads "No Beer No Work".

      No Beer, No Work Pin

      A simple pin with a clear and historical message. This is an essential pin for any hard worker and beer lover!
      Puzzle box with picture of colorful yarn and antique spinning wheel.

      Old World Wisconsin Colored Yarn Puzzle - 1000 Pieces

      This colorful puzzle is sure to please wool and knitting enthusiasts!
      Puzzle box with picture of antique dry goods on shelf in old general store setting.

      Old World Wisconsin Dry Goods Puzzle - 1000 Pieces

      Recall memories of yesterday's general stores when you put together this puzzle featuring vintage dry goods.
      Oxen Team of two black bulls with brown eyes and white horns. Words Old World Wisconsin printed on back.

      Old World Wisconsin Oxen Team

      Bring a bit of Old World Wisconsin home with you this plush oxen team stuffed animal.
      $19.95 $9.98
      Picture of Old World Wisconsin Soap

      Old World Wisconsin Soap

      A favorite at the museum store at Old World Wisconsin. French-milled. Choose classic lavender or our new lemon verbena scent. Buy more and save!
      From $5.22
      Four water bottles with Old World Wisconsin graphic on them. Colors left to right are maroon, forest green, white, and black.

      Old World Wisconsin Water Bottle

      Enameled stainless steel waterbottle with Old World Wisconsin design. 28 ounces.
      On the Shake Rag: Mineral Point's Pendarvis House, 1935-1970

      On the Shake Rag: Mineral Point's Pendarvis House, 1935-1970

      Written by director Mark H. Knipping and curator Korinne K. Oberle, On the Shake Rag is a collection of stories and photographs of the Neal and Hellum Pendarvis House during the early and mid 1900s. Details below.
      Pendarvis Notebook Bundle with three tan notebooks. Cow on front of left, then Pendarvis house logo and then image of house

      Pendarvis Notebook Bundle

      This small bundle of notebooks features three different images relating to Pendarvis , one of twelve historic sites in the Wisconsin Historical Society! Details below.
      $10.95 $8.21
      Pendarvis Pint Glass

      Pendarvis Pint Glass

      Drink your favorite Wisconsin beverage in this pint glass, just like the ones at the historic Pendarivs restaurant in Mineral Point, Wisconsin.
      $8.95 $4.48
      A tan colored hemp pouch with a large illustrated image of a white crane walking through a brown forest with an orange-brown background. In a vintage looking bubble font the text reads "Protect our Wild Beauty".

      Protect Our Wild Beauty Zip Pouch

      Large e-conscious hemp zip pouch featuring a WHS historic image supporting nature's beauty. A WHS exlcusive!
      $19.95 $9.98
      Four ceramic stone coasters with vintage produce illustrations

      Salzer Seed Company Fruit and Vegetable Produce Coaster Set

      This colorful coaster set features vintage illustrations used by the Salzer Seed Company, formerly based in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Set of four.
      $19.95 $14.96
      Vintage Fruit Coaster Set

      Salzer Seed Company Fruit Coaster Set

      This beautiful vintage fruit coaster set feature images used by the Salzer Seed Company, formerly based in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Set of four.
      $19.95 $14.96
      Seipp's Best Mug

      Seipp's Best Mug

      Large mug great for beer or coffee featuring vintage Seipp's advertising slogan. Put one in the freezer in advance of a cold beer!
      Seipp's Boot Shot Glass

      Seipp's Boot Shot Glass

      Seipp's Hollander Beer was made from 1908 and 1919 in Chicago, Illinois. by Conrad Seipp, who later moved to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Celebrate this historic brewer and pour out with this boot shot glass.
      Seipps Bottle Opener

      Seipp's Bottle Opener

      Crack open your favorite Wisconsin beer with this novelty beer bottle opener.
      Frontside of a grey crewcut t-shirt showing the Seipp's Beer logo.  A black ribbon in a circle says "Conrad Seipp, Chicago, U.S." and inside the circle is a yellow clog with the cursive text "Seipp's Beer, Hollander Brand"

      Seipp's Hollander Beer Shirt

      Seipp's Hollander Beer was produced between 1908 and 1919. During this time, the brewery coined the phrase "Drink Hollander Beer!" Wear a great piece of beer and Wisconsin history with this shirt!
      Villa Louis Booklet

      Villa Louis Booklet

      Beautifully illustrated booklet about Villa Louis - one of the Society's historic sites.
      Villa Louis Key Chain

      Villa Louis Key Chain

      Let this Villa Louis Key Chain remind you of your time at Villa Louis, one of twelve sites within the Wisconsin Historical Society. Makes a great souvenir or small gift! Faux pewter finish.
      $4.74 $3.56
      Black cloth mask with white straps. One yellow and one blue diagonal slash each run across the mask behind the white text "Votes for Women"

      Votes for Women Face Mask

      Stay safe and celebrate the 100 year anniversary of women's suffrage with our Votes For Women face mask.
      $19.95 $4.99
      The lapel pin is mug shaped with beer foam at the top of the mug.  The pin is copper toned with the foam "top" painted white, and black text on the mug reading "We Want Beer".

      We Want Beer Pin

      Celebrate your love for beer, and support Old World Wisconsin's Brewing Experience and beer garden!
      Group of 4 different note cards each with a different conservation poster reproduction from the early 1900's in Wisconsin.

      Wisconsin Conservation Note Cards with Wildflower Seeds

      Made with Wildflower Seed Paper. "Please plant me!" The next best thing to sending flowers. Exclusive Society designs.
      Suffragist Votes For Women Mug

      Women's Suffrage Centennial Mug

      Celebrate the 100 year anniversary of women's suffrage with our Suffrage Centennial mug featuring a graphic design inspired by an historic image from the Woman Suffrage Party. This item is a Society exlcusive!
      $12.95 $6.48
      Women's Suffrage Magnets

      Women's Suffrage Magnets

      The historical images is from the Society's historic image collection. Details, below!
      $7.95 $3.98
      Woman Suffrage Scarf - Silk

      Woman Suffrage - 100% Silk Scarf

      Last one! This large, beautiful, silk scarf celebrating women's suffrage is available exclusively through the Wisconsin Historical Society.
      Villa Louis Stained Glass Scarf - Silk

      Stained Glass Window Scarf - 100% Silk

      Beautiful 100% silk scarf inspired by the stunning stained glass windows found at Villa Louis, the Society's historic site near Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.
      Pendarvis Journal with tan image of Pendarvis house restaurant

      Pendarvis Journal

      Perfect for journaling, making lists, or jotting down reminders, this Pendarvis Journal's cover has an image of the Pendarvis House restaurant, and includes a bookmark ribbon!
      $19.95 $14.96
      Suffrage Buttons

      Cast Your Vote Buttons

      Turn heads at the polls with buttons that celebrate the democratic process.
      $1.95 $0.49
       Light gray t-shirt with blue and orange illustration of a figure leaping from one tall rock formation to another.

      H.H. Bennett "Leap" T-Shirt

      This colorful T-shirt features an illustration of H.H. Bennett's iconic "Leaping the Chasm" photograph, a split second captured in the Wisconsin Dells in the 1880's.
      The cover of the journal featuring a graphic of the Wisconsin Capitol

      Wisconsin Capitol Graphic Journal

      A hardcover notebook featuring a graphic of the Wisconsin Capitol.
      $14.95 $7.48
      A greeting card featuring a graphic of the Wisconsin State Capitol

      Capitol Greeting Card

      Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries . . . this blank card is perfect for all of your celebratory needs!
      $2.95 $1.48
      A patch with the Wisconsin Historical Society's logo with "Wisconsin Historical Society," written below the logo

      Wisconsin Historical Society Embroidered Patch

      Perfect for jeans, jackets, caps, and backpacks!
      $5.95 $2.98