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      Staff favorites
      Wisconsin cribbage board made of wood and cut out in the shape of the state with engraved pine trees and the world "HOME" in bold font across the top of the state.

      Wisconsin Cribbage Board - HOME

      Handcrafted in Wisconsin with solid woods, this three-player cribbage board is complete with pegs in recessed storage area.
      Small glass bottle of golden maple syrup. Clear glass with golden maple syrup filled nearly to the top.

      Pure Maple Syrup | 8 Ounces

      Pure Wisconsin maple syrup, always smooth with a gentle finish. Perfect topper for hotcakes, waffles, toast, oatmeal, popcorn — and ice cream!
      Yellow, soft plush toy in the shape of Wisconsin. Two little black legs and eyes. A short black arm holds a red heart.

      Wisconsin Stuffed State Plush

      Soft, squishy, adorable plushies made in the shape of the badger state. There's no place like home!
      Clear glass tumbler with red and yellow "Brandy Old Fashioned" graphic on side.

      Brandy Old Fashioned Glass

      Celebrate Wisconsin's (unofficial) state cocktail with this unique tumbler, a Society exclusive!
      	Frontside of a dark gray crew-cut t-shirt with an orange and yellow design and font. A yellow lemon slice sits on the lip of an orange, short cocktail glass with a cherry shaped like Wisconsin. The print says "The Brandy Old Fashioned", underneath: "Sweet Sour or Press", underneath: "Muddle. Garnish. Enjoy."

      Brandy Old Fashioned T-Shirt

      Muddle, garnish, & stir. Our brandy old fashioned T-shirt is a Society exclusive. Recipe on the back!
      Box cover of "Wisconsin Party Know How" puzzle with images of products and culture of the state (cheese, polka, slow cooker, bratwurst, etc.)

      Wisconsin Party Know-How Puzzle

      500 pieces. Ages 10 and up. Made in Wisconsin.
      Snowflakes sock in black and blue plad checkered pattern and white snowflakes of different designs and sizes. Top edge, heel, and toe are black.

      Snowflakes Sock | Women's

      Sometimes you just want to wear the season. And in plaid.. Fits Women’s shoe size 5 - 10.5.
      Two green socks with Krampus illustrations, white snowflakes, and Christmas trees on the side. Black toe, heel cap, and cuff.

      Krampus Crew Sock Green | Men's

      Showcase everyone's favorite Christmas demon in these Krampus socks. Be sure to behave on Christmas Eve! Fits men's shoe sizes 7-12.5.
      Beige sock featuring image of a Brandy cocktail with cherry and words that say "Call me old fashioned. Brown cuff on top.

      Call Me Old Fashioned Sock

      Because you don't mind being called old fashioned; it's classic!
      Round leather beverage coaster with embossed text that says "Green Bay, Titletown, Wisconsin." Medium brown color.

      Green Bay Titletown • Leather Coaster

      Go Pack! Handmade in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
      Round leather coaster, medium brown, with embossed helmet profile in the center and the words "Wisconsin Football 1889" embossed along the circumference.

      Wisconsin Football 1889 • Leather Coaster

      Handmade in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
      Round leather coaster, brown, with embossed silhouette of the state of Wisconsin and embossed text that reads "Wisconsin, 1848, United States"

      Wisconsin Silhouette 1848 • Leather Coaster

      Handmade in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
      Sand and Fire book cover featuring an aerial photograph of the pine barrens landscape beneath a gray sky with the title large and bold along with the authors name in red, green, and tan colorings.

      Sand and Fire: Exploring a Rare Pine Barrens Landscape

      A multilayered story about the impact of people on the vulnerable landscape of the Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area. Told in memoir style. Color photographs.

      Published by Wisconsin Historical Society Press
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      	Book cover of "Obreros Unidos" with full page black and white picture of picketing farm workers and close-up of Jesus Salas in the foreground, microphone in hand. Title of the book in bold red font at the top.

      Obreros Unidos: The Roots and Legacy of the Farmworkers Union

      A first-hand narrative of the fight for farmworkers' rights from celebrated labor leader, Jesus Salas. Young leaders founded Obreros Unidos (Workers United) to fight for fairness and respect, and to provide services to migrant families.

      Published by Wisconsin Historical Society Press
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      Book cover of children's book, "Death's Door", with illustration of a wooden sailing vessel in stormy waters.

      Death's Door: True Tales of Tragedy, Mystery, and Bravery from the Great Lakes' Most Dangerous Waters

      This beautifully illustrated book relates dramatic moments from Great Lakes maritime history in a graphic-novel style. For children 8-11.
      Evergleam Book: 60th Anniversary Edition

      The Evergleam Book: 60th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

      Back in stock! Discover and explore everything there is to know about the famed Evergleam products. Illustrated throughout with vintage photos and advertements.
      "Merry Christmas From Home Sweet Home Wisconsin" card. Card face features light blue background and red wisconsin state shape with white words.

      Merry Christmas From Home Sweet Home Wisconsin Card | Box of 8

      Merry Christmas from Wisconsin! This box of 8 cards comes in a giftable clear box festively bundled with red and white twine.
      White candle contained in a clear glass jar with black tin lid. A red and black plaid cut-out shape of Wisconsin on the side of the jar.

      Wisconsin "Homesick" Candle (Christmas Scent)

      Send a little love from the home state! 12oz mason jar soy candle with Christmas in Wisconsin scent. 60 hour burn time.
      Krampus Wood Card front featuring a Krampus smiling with red tongue out in front of a red background and a banner reading "Merry Krampus." Wood grain card with a red envelope.

      Krampus Holiday Card

      Krampus holiday card made with real walnut wood that is sustainably harvested. Merry "Krampus" from Santa's helper!
      Krampus: Holiday Message book cover featuring illustration of Krampus sitting on rooftop chimney with snowy roof and snow falling in the nighttime sky.

      Krampus: A Holiday Message

      A cautionary tale about Krampus and his search for children on the naughty list. A reminder to children to be nice this holiday season!
      	A black sweatshirt with white lettering that says "Merry Krampus." Also on the front of the sweatshirt, in the middle, is a red oval, and in the oval is an illustration of Krampus with horns and hooves, holding a long chain.

      Merry Krampus Sweatshirt

      Stay warm and cozy this holiday season in this festive Merry Krampus sweatshirt! Black.
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      Book cover of "Wau-Bun" by Juliette Kinzie. Landscape etching with light green background. Title and author at the top.

      Wau-Bun: The Early Day in the Northwest

      Juliette Kinzie's book, first published in 1856, presents keenly observed and engagingly written autobiographical accounts of important events and experiences in the early 1830's when she and her husband lived in the Indian Agency House in the 1830's, in the Northwest Territory, before Wisconsin's statehood (1848). This printing is a facsimile of the 1873 edition.
      Indian Mounds of Wisconsin

      Indian Mounds of Wisconsin | 2nd Edition

      From pre-mound builder groups to the modern era, this book details 2000 years of history. Illustrated. Second edition.
      Five Ojibwe legend dreamcatchers each with different design, colors, and feathers. Each has a suede hanging loop on top and feathers dangling on the bottom.

      Ojibwe Dreamcatcher (8")

      Back in stock with fresh design elements! -- Hand made by a member of a federally recognized tribe of the U.S. Choose "Natural" or "Colorful," and we will do our best to fill your order accordingly based on availability. Colors and styles vary.
      Collapsible plastic fase with Frank Lloyd Wright March Balloons design in red, blue, and green. Shown next to black packaging.

      March Balloons Vase

      This artful, reusable plastic vase pops up easily for use and folds flat for storage. Frank Lloyd Wright "March Balloons" design.
      Multi-color, collapsible plastic vase with Frank Lloyd Wright "Hoffman Rug" design. Shown next to black packaging.

      Hoffman Rug Vase

      Ideal for adding a pop of color to any decor. It opens easily for use and folds flat for storage. Frank Lloyd Wright "Hoffman Rug" design.
      Collapsible plastic fase with Frank Lloy Wright's "Saguaro" design. Shown next to black packaging.

      Saguaro Forms Vase

      Ideal for adding a pop of color to any decor. It opens easily for use and folds flat for storage. Frank Lloyd Wright "Hoffman Rug" design.
      Human hand, palm up, holding a blue, fuzzy, feathery bluebird finger puppet.

      Mini Bluebird Finger Puppet

      A symbolic harbinger of happiness, the mini bluebird finger puppet will surely be a delightful addition to anyone's collection.
      Grey coyote hand puppet in alert, seated position with fuzzy gray fur, black nose, black eyes, and gray tail with black tip.

      Coyote Hand Puppet

      The coyote hand puppet is ready for wily adventures. Movable mouth and forelegs in the iconic coyote pose.
      Brown river otter hand puppet with black webbed feet, light brown cheeks, a black nose, little black ears, pink tongue, and wiskers.

      River Otter Hand Puppet

      This two-handed puppet features chestnut fur, whiskers, and detailed webbing on his leathery feet.
      Two square decor pillows with colorful circus theme prints in yellow, red, and blue.

      Ringmaster Decorator Pillow

      Colorful decorator pillow with a bold design inspired by the circus ringmaster’s coat tails, top hats, and bright colors.
      Two square decor pillows with colorful circus theme prints in pinks, greens, white.

      Zany Decorator Pillow

      This whimsical pillow design is inspired by the exaggerated costumes and extra-large smiles associated with the circus. Humor and bright colors are central to the Zany collection.
      Square decorator with mauve and tan design, small wildflowers on one side and white lace pattern on reverse.

      Prairie Life Decorator Pillow

      Bring the rustic charm and timeless beauty of the prairie life into your home. One pillow — a different, complementary print on each side!
      The 2023 State Capitol Ornament commemorates 40 years of Concerts on the Square with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra.