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      Settlin': Stories of Madison's Early African American Families

      Settlin': Stories of Madison's Early African American Families

      Author: Muriel Simms
      Paperback: $18.95
      224 pages, 64 b/w illus., 6x9
      ISBN: 978-0-87020-885-0

      Published by Wisconsin Historical Society Press

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      Book cover of Enslaved, Indentured, Free showing image of journal writing on top, with a middle section including a dark side silhouette of a woman and an orange background, and then the bottom displaying an illustration of the wilderness with a river and hills.

      Enslaved, Indentured, Free: Five Black Women on the Upper Mississippi, 1800-1850

      Enslaved, Indentured, Free shines a light on five extraordinary Black women whose lives intersected in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, during seminal years of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787.

      Published by Wisconsin Historical Society Press
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      Book cover of Finding Freedom with dark blue background showing illustration of a man carrying a knapsack over his shoulder running.

      Finding Freedom: The Untold Story of Joshua Glover, Freedom Seeker

      A bittersweet story of bravery and compassion, Finding Freedom provides the first full picture of the man for whom so many fought and around whom so much history was made.

      Published by Wisconsin Historical Society Press
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      Round leather coaster, brown, with embossed, bold font that says "Great Lakes United States" and there are embossed shapes of the five lakes in dark brown.

      Great Lakes • Leather Coaster

      Handmade in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
      Round leather coaster, brown, with embossed silhouette of the state of Wisconsin and embossed text that reads "Wisconsin, 1848, United States"

      Wisconsin Silhouette 1848 • Leather Coaster

      Handmade in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
      Set of four wooden coasters cut in the shape of Wisconsin. Four different woods in tones from dark brown to light tan.

      Wooden Wisconsin Coaster Set

      Set of four wooden Wisconsin coasters cut from a variety of Wisconsin woods producing a variety of tones. Made in Wisconsin.
      Cow Spot Crew Sock featuring black and white spotted cow patterns with a pink toe.

      Cow Spots Crew Sock | Men's

      Udderly unique cow-spot socks that will amuse your friends and family! These socks contain no actual dairy products. Fits men's shoe sizes 7-12.5
      Two red socks with cow and daisy motif. Black heal cap and toe cap.

      Legendairy Cow Socks | Women's

      Make your outfit the "cream of the crop" with these darling cow socks. You're sure to get mooooovin' with these cute socks on your feet. Fits Women’s shoe size 5 - 10.5.
      Blue sock with words on the side that say "Sweet dreams are made of cheese." Image of yellow cheese wedge under the words.

      Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese Socks

      While it has not been scientifically confirmed, we are relatively confident that Wisconsinites dream of cheese more often than dreamers in other states.
      Book cover of Wisconsin Legends and Lore by Tea Krulos with pictures of Paul Bunyan, Native American Indians, a Hodag statue, and a lumberjack camp.

      Wisconsin Legends and Lore

      Haunting and curious tales from Dairyland. Author Tea Krulos, an expert in all things strange and unusual, digs up Wisconsin favorites and arcane lore.
      Book cover of "Hodag: A Happy the Hodag Book" with title at the top in large font and illustration of green hodag in the foreground.

      Hodag: A Happy the Hodag Book

      A rhyming picture book filled with optimism and encouragement for the hodag in all of us.
      Plush green stuffed hodag toy called "Happy the Hodag." Fuzzy green figure with large eyes and two white horns.

      Happy the Hodag Plush

      The Happy the Hodag premium plush toy stands 12" tall, is self-standing and features an embroidered details.
      Clear glass tumbler with red and yellow "Brandy Old Fashioned" graphic on side.

      Brandy Old Fashioned Glass

      Celebrate Wisconsin's (unofficial) state cocktail with this unique tumbler, a Society exclusive!
      	Frontside of a dark gray crew-cut t-shirt with an orange and yellow design and font. A yellow lemon slice sits on the lip of an orange, short cocktail glass with a cherry shaped like Wisconsin. The print says "The Brandy Old Fashioned", underneath: "Sweet Sour or Press", underneath: "Muddle. Garnish. Enjoy."

      Brandy Old Fashioned T-Shirt

      Muddle, garnish, & stir. Our brandy old fashioned T-shirt is a Society exclusive. Recipe on the back!
      Beige sock featuring image of a Brandy cocktail with cherry and words that say "Call me old fashioned. Brown cuff on top.

      Call Me Old Fashioned Sock

      Because you don't mind being called old fashioned; it's classic!
      Picture of People of the Sturgeon: Wisconsin’s Love Affair with an Ancient Fish (Paperback Edition)

      People of the Sturgeon: Wisconsin’s Love Affair with an Ancient Fish (Paperback Edition)

      Softcover: $25.00
      320 pages, including photos and illus., 8.5 x 10"
      ISBN: 9780870209161

      Published by Wisconsin Historical Society Press

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      Front of the dark green crewcut  t-shirt. Illustrates a yellow musky on the left next to yellow text saying "If it's Friday night, it's fish fry  in Wisconsin". In smaller text underneath "Choice of potato, coleslaw, rye bread"

      Friday Night Fish Fry T-Shirt

      Show off your love of the Friday Night Fish Fry with this unique Wisconsin t-shirt. Green and gold. A Society Exclusive.
      Clear glass pilsner glass with green and yellow "Friday Night Fish Fry" graphic on side.

      Fish Fry Pilsner Glass

      A Friday night fish fry isn't complete without drinking your favorite brewed beverage in our fish fry pilsner glass. Order before your next fish fry dinner party!
      Rectangular clasp-closure wallet with Frank Lloyd Wright geometric design with colorful circles and black lines.

      Frank Lloyd Wright Avery Coonley Playhouse RFID Armored Clasp Wallet

      The Armored Wallet protects the contents from identity theft with RFID technology. Sturdy aluminum body. Interior accordion holds up to six cards.
      Rectangular zipper wallet with colorful, geometric Frank Lloyd Wright design.

      Frank Lloyd Wright Avery Coonley Playhouse RFID Zipper Wallet

      Modern art coupled with practical and easy functionality. Faux leather exterior. Accordian interior.
      Rectangular zipper wallet with colorful, geometric Frank Lloyd Wright design.

      Frank Lloyd Wright Avery Coonley Playhouse Bifold Wallet

      Stay organized with 8 interior card slots, several slip pockets, and a zippered interior compartment. Faux leather exterior.
      Book cover of "Wau-Bun" by Juliette Kinzie. Landscape etching with light green background. Title and author at the top.

      Wau-Bun: The Early Day in the Northwest

      Juliette Kinzie's book, first published in 1856, presents keenly observed and engagingly written autobiographical accounts of important events and experiences in the early 1830's when she and her husband lived in the Indian Agency House in the 1830's, in the Northwest Territory, before Wisconsin's statehood (1848). This printing is a facsimile of the 1873 edition.
      Indian Mounds of Wisconsin

      Indian Mounds of Wisconsin | 2nd Edition

      From pre-mound builder groups to the modern era, this book details 2000 years of history. Illustrated. Second edition.
      1916 map of Wisconsin showing Indian mounds. The paper is yellowed and edges torn.

      Map Showing Indian Mounds of Wisconsin - 1916

      $15.50 and up. Prints can be selected in a range of sizes, from postcard to poster, in paper or canvas. Printed to order and shipped to you. Prices vary with print size and type. Find ordering instructions below.
      Human hand, palm up, holding a blue, fuzzy, feathery bluebird finger puppet.

      Mini Bluebird Finger Puppet

      A symbolic harbinger of happiness, the mini bluebird finger puppet will surely be a delightful addition to anyone's collection.
      Grey coyote hand puppet in alert, seated position with fuzzy gray fur, black nose, black eyes, and gray tail with black tip.

      Coyote Hand Puppet

      The coyote hand puppet is ready for wily adventures. Movable mouth and forelegs in the iconic coyote pose.
      Brown river otter hand puppet with black webbed feet, light brown cheeks, a black nose, little black ears, pink tongue, and wiskers.

      River Otter Hand Puppet

      This two-handed puppet features chestnut fur, whiskers, and detailed webbing on his leathery feet.
      Two square decor pillows with colorful circus theme prints in yellow, red, and blue.

      Ringmaster Decorator Pillow

      Colorful decorator pillow with a bold design inspired by the circus ringmaster’s coat tails, top hats, and bright colors.
      Two square decor pillows with colorful circus theme prints in pinks, greens, white.

      Zany Decorator Pillow

      This whimsical pillow design is inspired by the exaggerated costumes and extra-large smiles associated with the circus. Humor and bright colors are central to the Zany collection.
      Square decorator with mauve and tan design, small wildflowers on one side and white lace pattern on reverse.

      Prairie Life Decorator Pillow

      Bring the rustic charm and timeless beauty of the prairie life into your home. One pillow — a different, complementary print on each side!
      Supper club aficianado Ron Faiola is back with updated chronicles and beautiful new photographs from the clubs that captured the attention of readers in Wisconsin Supper Clubs.