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      Box top of Frank Lloyd Wright Backgammon set. Orange, white, and gold foil design.

      Frank Lloyd Wright Design Backgammon Board

      The Frank Lloyd Wright Backgammon Set features gold foil and Wright's iconic geometric patterns and designs.
      Natural wood Great Lakes Cribbage Board with light blue great lakes labeled with their names as well as information for each. Cribbage holes line around lakes.

      Great Lakes Cribbage Board

      Handcrafted in Wisconsin with solid wood, this cribbage board has detailed topographical maps of the great lakes!
      Rectangular wooden cribbage board with dark walnut inlays in light maple base. Six pegs inserted for scale.

      Maple Marquetry Cribbage Board

      Beautifully crafted two-track maple cribbage board with walnut and cocobolo inlays. Made in U.S.
      Rectangular maple cribbage board with three player tracks and geometric inlay design of darker wood.

      Maple Three-Track Cribbage with Cards

      Crafted of blond maple hardwood, this board is complete with a hidden storage compartment inside for game pieces. Includes pegs, playing cards and instructions. Made in the U.S.
      Rectangular padauk wood cribbage board with three player tracks. Pegs inserted for scale.

      Padauk Three-Track Cribbage

      Crafted of rich padauk hardwood, this board is complete with a hidden storage compartment inside for game pieces. Includes pegs, playing cards and instructions. Made in U.S.
      UW Wisconsin "W" shape wood cribbage board with a large, bold, red "W" painted in the center with a tripple cribbage track around the perimeter.

      UW "Motion W" Cribbage Board

      A cribbage board for Badger fans and alum. Attractive game room or cabin decor when not in use. Made in Wisconsin.
      Wood cribbage board cut to the shape of the Bucky Badger mascot, with engraved details and a red sweater. Cribbage track around the perimeter.

      UW Bucky Badger Cribbage Board

      The cribbage board for Badger fans and alum. Attractive game room or cabin decor when not in use. Made in Wisconsin.
      Wisconsin cribbage board made of wood and cut out in the shape of the state with engraved pine trees and the world "HOME" in bold font across the top of the state.

      Wisconsin Cribbage Board - HOME

      Handcrafted in Wisconsin with solid woods, this three-player cribbage board is complete with pegs in recessed storage area.
      Wisconsin cribbage board made of wood and cut out in the shape of the state with engraved pine trees, crescent moon, and stars across board.

      Wisconsin Cribbage Board - Moon and Stars

      OUT OF STOCK. Handcrafted in Wisconsin with solid woods, this three-player cribbage board is complete with Wisconsin pine scenery, crescent moon, and stars.
      Overhead view of child playing with geometrically cut felt blocks on felt play board.

      Felt Board Play Surface - Lowercase Toys

      Sized for kids that play like a tornado, this lightweight, durable surface serves as a play anchor and can help contain the chaos of a good time.
      Interlocking architectural block set from Lowercase Toys. Felt blocks displayed along instruction booklet.

      Interlocking Blocks | Architectural Set

      Lightweight and sturdy, these innovative connecting blocks encourage creative problem-solving along multiple mathematical planes.
      Pocket set of interlocking felt blocks. Colored felt blocks displayed next to product box.

      Interlocking Blocks | Pocket Set

      Truly an open-ended learning toy. This 32 piece interlocking block set is perfectly sized for your next adventure, car ride, or waiting room.
      Tangram block mini set with multicolor felt blocks displayed in front of product box.

      Mini Tangram Block Set

      Perfect for on-the go play, this compact version of the classic spatial-problem solving puzzle is ready to go anywhere.
      Plush green stuffed hodag toy called "Happy the Hodag." Fuzzy green figure with large eyes and two white horns.

      Happy the Hodag Plush

      The Happy the Hodag premium plush toy stands 12" tall, is self-standing and features an embroidered details.
      Box cover of "Wisconsin Party Know How" puzzle with images of products and culture of the state (cheese, polka, slow cooker, bratwurst, etc.)

      Wisconsin Party Know-How Puzzle

      500 pieces. Ages 10 and up. Made in Wisconsin.
      Yellow, soft plush toy in the shape of Wisconsin. Two little black legs and eyes. A short black arm holds a red heart.

      Wisconsin Stuffed State Plush

      Soft, squishy, adorable plushies made in the shape of the badger state. There's no place like home!
      Wood carousel model from UGears. Shown assembled from side.

      UGears Carousel Model

      Take a trip down memory lane with the nostalgic mechanical Carousel model from UGears. This is a classic merry-go-round model is implemented in top-quality sustainable wood. Difficulty level: Hard.
      Wooden antique cash register model by UGears. Shown assembled.

      UGears Cash Register Model

      The vintage Art Deco body of the model makes it a decorative decor item or a welcome gift for a friend or colleague. This clever mechanical model can also help to teach kids about counting in a simple and fun way.
      Small wooden model of combine harvester by UGears. Shown assembled, side view.

      UGears Combine Harvester Model

      A first-class example of the wonder of motion mechanics. This intermediate level model is set in motion by its rubber-band motor. Roll it backwards to power the motor up. Precision, laser-cut wooden parts.
      Mechanical wooden horse model by Ugears shown from side, facing right, made from small, laser-cut pieces of thin plywood.

      UGears Horse Mechanoid Model

      A unique, challenging model that joins nature and mechanics together. The innovative mechanism of this beautiful model makes the "bionic horse" a real walking quadruped. The kit is made of sustainably sourced, high-grade plywood. Difficulty level, hard!
      Small wooden model of a biplane, assembled, made of wooden parts that were laser cut from thin wood.

      UGears Mini Biplane Model

      Just pull the model biplane back along a surface to wind it up, release, and watch it go! No glue or special tools are required to assemble this DIY kit. Just punch the pre-cut pieces out of their composite wood boards and snap them together. A good starter model.
      Side view of small wooden motorcycle model kit by UGears; assembled.

      UGears Motor Bike Model VM-02

      Get your leather jacket and absorb the exhilaration of total velocity with the bold and beautiful motorcycle model from UGears. Difficulty level: Intermediate.
      Unpainted, wooden model of a tractor with small, laser cut wooden parts. Made by Ugears.

      UGears Tractor Model

      A fun do-it-yourself kit. When finished it can be easily displayed on a bookshelf or desk. This mechanical model works with the aid of a rubber band that activates an all-wheel-drive motor. The workings of the gears, pistons, and levers are easy to see and educational watch. Precision, laser-cut wooden parts.
      Four mini U-Fidget models by UGears, each made of laser cut wood parts for the user to assemble.

      UGears U-Fidgets Tribiks

      These do-it-yourself models are made from eco-friendly wood take just a few moments to assemble. The U-Fidgets Tribiks therapy models are great as trinkets or key charm. Difficulty level: Easiest.
      Wingspan game box.  One bird in flight with sky in background.

      Wingspan Board Game

      Discover and attract the best birds to your network of wildlife preserves. 1-5 players.
      $60.00 $45.00
      Capitol Playing Cards showing five face cards and then the back of card with Blue capitol and light blue sky with yellow clouds.

      Capitol Playing Cards

      Perfect for a friendly game of gin rummy, go fish, or cribbage! Keep a deck in the glove box for road trips, picnics, and lakeside games.
      Frank Lloyd Wright Playing Cards box holder with colorful geometric designs

      Frank Lloyd Wright Playing Cards

      Colorful and artful playing cards with geometric designs from the famed Wisconsin architect and designer. Two decks in a boxed set.
      Yellow tin of the Swedish version of Lingo Playing cards

      Lingo Cards | Swedish

      Pick up Swedish while playing cards! Learn words for greetings, dining out, finding a place to stay. Tin storage box.
      	Wooden tic-tac-toe board with wooden game pieces in the shapes of cow faces and cheese wedges. On the bottom of the board, the words "Tic-Tac-Wisconsin" are etched into the board.

      Tic Tac Toe Wisconsin

      Travel-sized Tic-Tac-Wisconsin is a fun gift for Wisconsinite families and kids.
      Folding Cribbage Board box with image of board on front.

      Folding Cribbage Board

      Challenge your friends and family on the go with this folding cribbage board. Perfect game for 2-3 players!
      Frank Lloyd Wright City by the Sea Puzzle with geometric design of various shades of blue and gold.

      Frank Lloyd Wright City by the Sea Puzzle - 1000 Pieces

      The reflective foil combined with Wright's striking image and color palette will bring joy and relaxation to amateur and pro puzzlers alike.
      Box top of the Frank Lloyd Wright puzzle with the Hoffman Rug design featured on top.

      Frank Lloyd Wright Hoffman House Rug Puzzle | 500 Pieces

      This puzzle features an iconic colorful geometric design from Wright with some uniquely shaped pieces.
      Frank Lloyd Wright Imperial Hotel Peacock Rug Puzzle featuring crazy geometric design of many colors, mostly gold, green, and blue.

      Frank Lloyd Wright Imperial Hotel Peacock Rug Puzzle - 500 Pieces

      Create art piece by piece! Bold and colorful Frank Lloyd Wright design.
      Box top of the Frank Lloyd Wright Imperial Hotel Multi Puzzle Set. Lots of colorful circles.

      Frank Lloyd Wright Multi-Puzzle Set | 750 pieces

      Geometric and boldly colorful, the Frank Lloyd Wright Imperial Hotel Multi Puzzle Set includes three puzzles (250 pieces each).
      FLW Gold Foil Puzzle - top featuring wild geometric designs in vertical patterns of many colors.

      Frank Lloyd Wright Puzzle - Saguaro Cactus and Form - 1000 Pieces

      Frank Lloyd Wright Gold Foil Puzzle. Colorful, Abstract Designs. Saguaro Cactus and Forms.
      Box top of Frank Lloyd Wright wood domino set with gridded illustration of 10 squares each with a colorful geometric design.

      Frank Lloyd Wright Wood Domino Set

      Twenty-eight double sided wood dominoes with Wright’s famous designs. Decorative, sturdy box.
      The Powwow Coloring and Activity Book cover with yellow and illustrated people

      The Powwow Coloring and Activity Book

      The Ojibwe Traditions Coloring and Activity book series offers children and their families the opportunity to learn about Ojibwe Indian lifeways and teachings in an engaging and accessible manner.
      The Storytelling Coloring Book cover featuring  illustrated tree in front of light green background

      The Storytelling Coloring Book

      The Ojibwe Traditions Coloring and Activity book series offers children and their families the opportunity to learn about Ojibwe Indian lifeways and teachings in an engaging and accessible manner.
      The Sugarbush Coloring Book cover featuring illustrated tree in front of light yellow background

      The Sugarbush Coloring Book

      The Ojibwe Traditions Coloring and Activity book series offers children and their families the opportunity to learn about Ojibwe Indian lifeways and teachings in an engaging and accessible manner.
      The box top of the Serenading the Cows puzzle with a black and white photo from 1930 showing a line of cows eating in a barn while a band of horn players "serenades" them.

      Serenading the Cows Puzzle | 300 Pieces

      One of the most well-known photographs in the Society's Historic Image Collection is now a puzzle!
      Suffragette Puzzle 100 Pieces featuring many famous historical women figures.

      Votes for Women Puzzle | 100 Pieces

      Colorful Votes for Women 100 piece puzzle features portraits of famous suffragettes. Large size pieces are easier to hold and manipulate. Educational and fun!
      $16.99 $12.74
      Canister holding puzzle with illustrations of honey bees, flowers, and a large hive.

      Bees & Honey Puzzle - 1000 Pieces

      A collage of vintage illustrations of worker bees, drones, a queen, and colorful flora. Perfect gift for the gardener or beekeeper!
      Canister holding puzzle of Cocktail Time puzzle featuring classic cocktail illustrations with vibrant pastel colors.

      Cocktail Time Puzzle - 1000 Pieces

      Features 12 vintage cocktail illustrations and their recipes! Includes classics like the Manhattan, the bourbon sour, the martini, and more!
      Santa Claus puzzle in cyclinder tube featuring Santa Claus carrying a sack of toys.

      Santa Claus Vintage Puzzle | 500 Pieces

      Holiday puzzle featuring vintage illustration of Santa Claus with presents. Attractive packaging makes a perfect gift.
      Puzzle canister holiding "Victory Garden" puzzle with colorful, vintage illustrations of fruits and vegatables.

      Victory Garden Vintage Puzzle - 1000 Pieces

      Enjoy assembling this colorful puzzle that features a full harvest of healthy victory garden fruits and veggies. Each is labeled, from the Dixie Watermelon to the Kentucky Field Pumpkin.
      Puzzle box with picture of colorful yarn and antique spinning wheel.

      Old World Wisconsin Colored Yarn Puzzle - 1000 Pieces

      This colorful puzzle is sure to please wool and knitting enthusiasts!
      Puzzle box with picture of antique dry goods on shelf in old general store setting.

      Old World Wisconsin Dry Goods Puzzle - 1000 Pieces

      Recall memories of yesterday's general stores when you put together this puzzle featuring vintage dry goods.
      Puzzle box with picture of bovine with horns and old barn in background.

      Old World Wisconsin Farm Scene Puzzle - 1000 Pieces

      Remember your visit to Old World Wisconsin when you put together this puzzle featuring one of the site's heritage breed oxen.
      Puzzle box with illustration of farm scene with geometric field patterns, barn, and farm house.

      Old World Wisconsin Geometric Farm Landscape Puzzle - 1000 Pieces

      Family and friends will enjoy assembling this puzzle featuring an idyllic Wisconsin farm scene.
      Stuffed Animal Badger Plush Toy with brown and white coloring. Black nose with claws.

      Badger Plush Stuffed Animal

      The perfect companion for any young Wisconsinite, this soft, cuddly Badger Plush stands about 11 inches tall and was designed exclusively for the Wisconsin Historical Society store.
      Grey coyote hand puppet in alert, seated position with fuzzy gray fur, black nose, black eyes, and gray tail with black tip.

      Coyote Hand Puppet

      The coyote hand puppet is ready for wily adventures. Movable mouth and forelegs in the iconic coyote pose.
      Magnetic Link 4 Travel Size printed in bold black with a light and dark yellow geometric pattern in background.

      Magnetic Link 4 Travel Game

      Challenge an opponent in connect four with this travel-size magnetic link 4 board. Fun strategy game for all ages!
      $5.00 $3.75
      Human hand, palm up, holding a blue, fuzzy, feathery bluebird finger puppet.

      Mini Bluebird Finger Puppet

      A symbolic harbinger of happiness, the mini bluebird finger puppet will surely be a delightful addition to anyone's collection.
      Human hand, palm up, holding a fuzzy-feathery cardinal finger puppet.

      Mini Cardinal Finger Puppet

      This little crimson bird is waiting to perch on your hand.
      Picture of Mini Lop Ear Rabbit Finger Puppet

      Mini Lop Ear Rabbit Finger Puppet

      Irresistibly cute. This little rabbit is sure to be a springtime favorite. A toy that inspires imagination!
      Small raccoon finger puppet with fuzzy gray fur and striped tail. Shown in use, cradled in hand.

      Mini Raccoon Finger Puppet

      This Raccoon finger puppet has the classic look of the always-in-trouble rascal, but too-cute-to-punish. Give a toy that inspires imagination!
      Picture of Mini River Otter Finger Puppet

      Mini River Otter Finger Puppet

      This endearing river otter finger puppet is soft and sleek and ready to travel when you are! Give a toy that inspires imagination.
      Oxen Team of two black bulls with brown eyes and white horns. Words Old World Wisconsin printed on back.

      Old World Wisconsin Oxen Team

      Bring a bit of Old World Wisconsin home with you this plush oxen team stuffed animal.
      $19.95 $9.98
      Brown river otter hand puppet with black webbed feet, light brown cheeks, a black nose, little black ears, pink tongue, and wiskers.

      River Otter Hand Puppet

      This two-handed puppet features chestnut fur, whiskers, and detailed webbing on his leathery feet.
      Sport plush dog front angle with brown and black coloring.

      Sport the Ship Dog - Stuffed Animal

      Happy, soft, and cute, this Sport plush dog is everybody's friend and a perfect gift for children. Companion to the book, "Sport - Ship Dog of the Great Lakes."
      $14.95 $11.21
      Spotted Piglet Stuffed Animal white with grey spots and pink nose and feet.

      Spotted Piglet Stuffed Animal

      Snuggly little piglet friend for kids and all animal lovers!
      Green, fabric, stuffed plush turtle hand puppet. Domed "shell" and open red mouth.

      Turtle Hand Puppet

      Plush and huggable, this turtle puppet in bright green plush has movable feet and mouth. Grab and pull the front of his shell and he can hide inside.
      Wolf Stuffed Animal with light tan legs and grey back. Dark tan nose and ears.

      Wolf Stuffed Animal - "Wily Wolf"

      Despite being a wily wolf, "Wiley" is still soft and cuddly. Get one today!
      Blue binoculars.

      Kids' Field Binoculars

      Great for any child that wants to explore the outdoors and the world around them.
      Solitary Bee Habitat box front showcasing the wooden habitat with graphics of bees and flowers along with multicolored borders.

      Solitary Bee Habitat

      Be nice to your pollinator neighbors! This wooden habitat kit is built for solitary bees. Instructions included and comes apart for easy cleaning.
      Brown cardboard box with lid open to expose contents, which includes craft supplies for kids, including colored pencils, crayons, a ruler, an art pad, popsicle sticks, and scissors.

      The Busy Box Craft Kit for Kids

      The Busy Box is filled with environmentally friendly art and craft basics to keep creative youth busy.
      $35.99 $18.00
      Wisconsin Passport- cover

      Wisconsin Passport

      Wisconsin Passport: An illustrated, informative, and fun booklet on Wisconsin. Great in classrooms and also on family trips around Wisconsin.
      From $5.15
      Wisconsin State Capitol model in white with black platform

      Wisconsin State Capitol Miniature Model

      Wisconsin State Capitol Miniature Over the past one hundred years, the Wisconsin State Capitol has dominated the Madison skyline and its civic life. This miniature is a perfect gift for collectors, architects, legislators, hobbyists, and all proud Wisconsinites!
      Wooden ball catch game with brown stick and orange and blue stripes with orange attached ball.

      Wooden Catch Ball Game

      Challenge your child’s imagination, and help them develop stronger hand-eye coordination, with this retro catch ball game.
      Camp Randall Parchment and Quill Set with red white and blue ribbon tied up on clear packaging

      Camp Randall Parchment and Quill Pen Set

      Add a historic touch to your notes or letters with the Camp Randall parchment and quill set! Details below.
      From $3.24
      Toy survival compass-whistle (green) mounted on orange display card that says, at the top, "Survival Compass."

      Toy Survival Compass 5-In-One Kit

      Be prepared with your 5-in-one compass whistle. Includes essential survival aids like flint, mirror and compass. Great gift for young campers and scouts. (Colors vary.)
      Fuzzy pink piglet hand puppet with happy face and perky ears.

      Pink Piglet Hand Puppet

      With its sweet smiling face and curlicue tail, this little piglet is ready to sing along with your favorite barnyard tunes, tell stories, or just snuggle up.