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      Light blue socks with honey bee motif. Darker blue toe, heel cap, cuff.

      Socks that Protect Bees | Small

      Buzzing bees for busy bees! Protect the pollinators that need it most in these buzz-worthy blue bee socks.
      Two tan socks with colorful butterfly motif.

      Socks that Protect Butterflies | Small

      Embrace nature and make a difference with these fetching butterfly socks from Conscious Step! Adorned with a delightful array of colorful butterflies, they bring a touch of nature's splendor to your everyday wardrobe.
      light beige socks with blue hummingbirds motif. Light green toe, heel cap, and cuff.

      Socks that Protect Hummingbirds | Small

      Hummingbirds are vibrant, dynamic symbols of the small but mighty. Wear this bright and cheerful hummingbird pair as your reminder that, you too, are capable of wonderful things.
      Sock with corn on the cob motif. Yellow corn over black background. Yellow toe and heel cap.

      Corn on the Cob Socks

      Stalk up your sock collection with an "a-maize-ing" design that is corny in the best way.
      Tan sock with book motif and text that reads "So many books, so little time." Blue toe and heel cap.

      Good Books | Women's

      So many books, so little time! Fits women's shoe sizes 6 -10.5.
      Sock with colorful umbrella and raindrop motif over dark green background. Light heel and toe cap.

      Umbrellas in the Rain Socks

      For when you feel like dancing in the rain or jumping in puddles. These socks will add a splash to your wardrobe.
      Off-white sock with floral designs and words that say "Best Mom Ever" on the side. Green toe and heel cap.

      Best Mom Ever Socks

      Elevate your mom's sock game with these vibrant "Best Mom Ever" socks. Treat her feet to a burst of floral color and style, making every step a celebration of her incomparable awesomeness.
      $15.95 $12.75
      Rainbow Popsicle sock in light blue featuring rainbow popsicles. Top edge is red, heel is yellow, and toe is blue.

      Rainbow Popsicle Sock | Sm/Med

      Variety is the spice of life, no? It applies to love, food, and our socks as well! We just wanted to combine them all. Fits Women’s shoe size 5 - 10.5. Fits men's shoe size 4-9)
      Busy Bee sock in turquoise green featuring yellow bees and honeycombs.

      Busy Bee Sock | Women's

      Is it time to pollinate your sock drawer with some honey bee fashion? With honeycombs and working bees, this pair is sure to sweeten your wardrobe. Fits Women’s shoe size 5 - 10.5.
      Two bright blue socks with repeating pink flamingos design.

      Flamingo Sock | Women's

      Why flamingo socks in the Wisconsin Historical Society's online store? On the first day of classes in 1979, plastic flamingos covered UW-Madison's Bascom Hill. It was a prank that continues as a "tradition" today. Fits Women’s shoe size 5 - 10.5.
      Fungi Fanatic Sock in dark grey featuring red mushrooms in different sizes. Top edge, heel, and toe are black.

      Fungi Fanatic Mushroom Sock | Women's

      Make some "shroom" in your sock drawer for this top seller because there's no such thing as too many mushroom socks. (If you are undecided about mushrooms, don't fret. These will grow on you!)
      Bird is the Word sock in grey featuring Featuring cardinals, blue jays, robins, chickadees, & owls. Top rim, heel, and toe are blue.

      Bird is the Word Sock | Women's

      Featuring cardinals, blue jays, robins, chickadees, & owls. Wear these when you want to feel "fly"! Fits women's shoe sizes 5 -10.5.
      Hummingbird Sock in green featuring purple, light blue, and black hummingbirds flying. Top edge, heel, and toe are blue.

      Hummingbirds Sock | Women's

      Let these tiny birds make a big statement in your wardrobe with beautiful colors and soft fabric from bamboo. Fits women's shoe sizes 5 -10.5.
      Majestic Butterflies sock in tan featuring different colored butterflies. Orange, blue, and yellow butterflies. Top edge, heel, and toe are light brown.

      Majestic Butterflies Sock | Women's

      Float like a butterfly in these socks. The perfect accessory when you need to be a true social butterfly. Fits Women’s shoe size 5 - 10.5.
      Cow Spots sock featuring black and white cow spots. Toe is pink.

      Cow Spots Sock | Women's

      Graze your feet into these spotted cow socks and your friends will respond with "udder" amusement. Socks contain no actual dairy products. Fits Women’s shoe size 5 - 10.5.
      Two red socks with cow and daisy motif. Black heal cap and toe cap.

      Legendairy Cow Socks | Women's

      Make your outfit the "cream of the crop" with these darling cow socks. You're sure to get mooooovin' with these cute socks on your feet. Fits Women’s shoe size 5 - 10.5.
      Pink crew sock with multiple cow faces in black and white.  Brown heal and toe.

      Wow Cow Socks | Women's

      Add some "moo-dern art" to your outfits with these darling cow socks. Fits women’s shoe sizes 6-10.5.
      Hen House sock in red featuring different colored hens sitting and standing. Black/white, brown, and white hens.

      Hen House Sock | Women's

      Cockadoodledoo! These socks are for you! Fits women's shoe sizes 5 -10.5.
      Picture of Significant Otter | Women's

      Significant Otter | Women's

      A happy otter pair holding hands and floating along. Yes, you will get compliments on these socks. A style designed for the warm and fuzzy feelings. Fits Women’s shoe size 5 - 10.5.
      Silly Bill sock in lime green featuring a variety of different goats and hoofprints.

      Silly Billy Sock | Women's

      With a variety of goats, these socks are sure match to earth-tone attire. A nice gift for the "silly billy" in your life. Fits Women’s shoe size 5 - 10.5.
      Clear Skies sock in dark blue featuring smiley suns and moons in a starry sky. Top edge, heel, and toe are light blue.

      Clear Skies Sock | Women's

      Celestial socks made with soft fabric from bamboo. Dream big. Fits women's shoe sizes 5 -10.5.
      Two gray heather "strawberry milk" socks with pink cows and milk cartons. Pink toe cap, heal and cuff.

      Strawberry Milk Socks | Women's

      Every so often, your feet deserve a little indulgence, like a retro carton of cool, sweet and pink strawberry milk! Fits Women’s shoe size 5 - 10.5.
      Hoppier Together socks in red featuring mugs of beer cheersing with green hops scattered about. Top edge, heel, and toe are pink.

      Hoppier Together Sock | Women's

      Bright red socks with foamy pints and hops. Cheers! Fits women's shoe sizes 5 -10.5.
      Mac n Cheese Sock in light blue featuring smiley faced blocks of cheese and macaroni noodles. Top edge, heel, and toe are red.

      Mac & Cheese Sock | Women's

      These socks take comfort food to the next level. (Unfortunately, they are not actually edible.) Fits women's shoe sizes 5 -10.5.
      Beige sock featuring image of a Brandy cocktail with cherry and words that say "Call me old fashioned. Brown cuff on top.

      Call Me Old Fashioned Sock

      Because you don't mind being called old fashioned; it's classic!
      Blue sock with words on the side that say "Sweet dreams are made of cheese." Image of yellow cheese wedge under the words.

      Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese Socks

      While it has not been scientifically confirmed, we are relatively confident that Wisconsinites dream of cheese more often than dreamers in other states.
      "Wisconsin Months" sock featuring multicolor images cultural icons of the state, including cheese, football, fish, cross country skiing, etc. White sock. Green toe and heel cap.

      Wisconsin Months Sock

      Wisconsin Months socks highlight all the amazing reasons to love living in the Badger State.
      Picture of Pumpkin Farm Sock | Women's

      Pumpkin Farm Sock | Women's

      Adorable pumpkin farm scene crew socks. Cotton blend. Fits women's shoe sizes 5 -10.5.
      Pumpkin Patch socks in light green featuring orange pumpkins. Top edge, heel, and toe are dark green.

      Pumpkin Patch Sock | Women's

      Send your "I'm ready for fall" message when you wear these green and orange pumpkin socks. Made with soft, bamboo fabric blend. Fits women's shoe sizes 5 -10.5.
      Fuzzy red socks with pattern of large white snowflakes.

      Cozy Fair Isle Fun Socks

      Coziest, comfiest sock ever. Fits women's shoe sizes 6 -10.5.
      Two red socks with Christmas lights design. Green toe, heal, and cuff.

      Christmas Lights Socks

      Bright and festive, these are sure to be a fun and versatile complement to your holiday wardrobe. Fits women's shoe sizes 5 -10.5.
      Two "Holiday Pride" socks with rainbow stripe Christmas trees and mulitcolor polka dots. Green toe and heel.

      Holiday Pride Socks

      Festively colorful, these socks are complete with rainbow hued Christmas trees and lights.
      Two dark red socks with red poinsettia flower design. Black toe, heel, and cuff.

      Poinsettia Socks

      Festively floral, these deep red socks will complement your holiday wardrobe. Fits women's shoe sizes 5 -10.5.
      Snowflakes sock in black and blue plad checkered pattern and white snowflakes of different designs and sizes. Top edge, heel, and toe are black.

      Snowflakes Sock | Women's

      Sometimes you just want to wear the season. And in plaid.. Fits Women’s shoe size 5 - 10.5.
      13 Club Ankle Socks

      Cycling Ankle Socks

      These cool socks belong in your sock collection! Light and breathable.
      $9.95 $4.98