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Frontside of a grey crewcut t-shirt showing the Seipp's Beer logo.  A black ribbon in a circle says "Conrad Seipp, Chicago, U.S." and inside the circle is a yellow clog with the cursive text "Seipp's Beer, Hollander Brand"

Seipp's Hollander Beer Shirt

Seipp's Hollander Beer was produced between 1908 and 1919. During this time, the brewery coined the phrase "Drink Hollander Beer!" Wear a great piece of beer and Wisconsin history with this shirt!
Seipps Bottle Opener

Seipp's Bottle Opener

Crack open your favorite Wisconsin beer with this novelty beer bottle opener.
Seipp's Boot Shot Glass

Seipp's Boot Shot Glass

Seipp's Hollander Beer was made from 1908 and 1919 in Chicago, Illinois. by Conrad Seipp, who later moved to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Celebrate this historic brewer and pour out with this boot shot glass.
Black Point Legacy book cover featuring black and white image of Black Point

Black Point Legacy: 1888-2005

Designed by Adolph Cudell and built in 1888, Black Point is a unique late Victorian Queen Anne residence. This book, written by Anne Celano Frohna, tells the story of the Seipp family and the house at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Copiously illustrated. Details below.
Seipp's Best Mug

Seipp's Best Mug

Large mug great for beer or coffee featuring vintage Seipp's advertising slogan. Put one in the freezer in advance of a cold beer!