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      Box face of Door County Wisconsin puzzle, 500 pieces, with illustration of Door County and its landmarks.

      Door County Puzzle | 500 Pieces

      Highlights lighthouses, restaurants, parks, and more. 500 pieces. Ages 10 and up. Made in Wisconsin.
      Puzzle, assembled, featuring colorful illustrations of state birds of the U.S.A positioned over map of the U.S.A.

      Wendy Gold State Birds Puzzle | 1000 Pieces

      Colorful and whimsical map art by collage artist Wendy Gold, with each state bird positioned geographically over the map.
      Box cover of "Wisconsin Party Know How" puzzle with images of products and culture of the state (cheese, polka, slow cooker, bratwurst, etc.)

      Wisconsin Party Know-How Puzzle

      500 pieces. Ages 10 and up. Made in Wisconsin.
      Frank Lloyd Wright City by the Sea Puzzle with geometric design of various shades of blue and gold.

      Frank Lloyd Wright City by the Sea Puzzle - 1000 Pieces

      The reflective foil combined with Wright's striking image and color palette will bring joy and relaxation to amateur and pro puzzlers alike.
      Box top of the Frank Lloyd Wright puzzle with the Hoffman Rug design featured on top.

      Frank Lloyd Wright Hoffman House Rug Puzzle | 500 Pieces

      This puzzle features an iconic colorful geometric design from Wright with some uniquely shaped pieces.
      FLW Gold Foil Puzzle - top featuring wild geometric designs in vertical patterns of many colors.

      Frank Lloyd Wright Puzzle - Saguaro Cactus and Form - 1000 Pieces

      Frank Lloyd Wright Gold Foil Puzzle. Colorful, Abstract Designs. Saguaro Cactus and Forms.
      Frank Lloyd Wright Imperial Hotel Peacock Rug Puzzle featuring crazy geometric design of many colors, mostly gold, green, and blue.

      Frank Lloyd Wright Imperial Hotel Peacock Rug Puzzle - 500 Pieces

      Create art piece by piece! Bold and colorful Frank Lloyd Wright design.
      Box top of the Frank Lloyd Wright Imperial Hotel Multi Puzzle Set. Lots of colorful circles.

      Frank Lloyd Wright Multi-Puzzle Set | 750 pieces

      Geometric and boldly colorful, the Frank Lloyd Wright Imperial Hotel Multi Puzzle Set includes three puzzles (250 pieces each).
      Suffragette Puzzle 100 Pieces featuring many famous historical women figures.

      Votes for Women Puzzle | 100 Pieces

      Colorful Votes for Women 100 piece puzzle features portraits of famous suffragettes. Large size pieces are easier to hold and manipulate. Educational and fun!
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      Puzzle box with picture of colorful yarn and antique spinning wheel.

      Old World Wisconsin Colored Yarn Puzzle - 1000 Pieces

      This colorful puzzle is sure to please wool and knitting enthusiasts!
      Puzzle box with picture of antique dry goods on shelf in old general store setting.

      Old World Wisconsin Dry Goods Puzzle - 1000 Pieces

      Recall memories of yesterday's general stores when you put together this puzzle featuring vintage dry goods.
      The box top of the Serenading the Cows puzzle with a black and white photo from 1930 showing a line of cows eating in a barn while a band of horn players "serenades" them.

      Serenading the Cows Puzzle | 300 Pieces

      One of the most well-known photographs in the Society's Historic Image Collection is now a puzzle!
      Canister holding puzzle with illustrations of honey bees, flowers, and a large hive.

      Bees & Honey Puzzle - 1000 Pieces

      A collage of vintage illustrations of worker bees, drones, a queen, and colorful flora. Perfect gift for the gardener or beekeeper!
      Santa Claus puzzle in cyclinder tube featuring Santa Claus carrying a sack of toys.

      Santa Claus Vintage Puzzle | 500 Pieces

      Holiday puzzle featuring vintage illustration of Santa Claus with presents. Attractive packaging makes a perfect gift.
      Puzzle canister holiding "Victory Garden" puzzle with colorful, vintage illustrations of fruits and vegatables.

      Victory Garden Vintage Puzzle - 1000 Pieces

      Enjoy assembling this colorful puzzle that features a full harvest of healthy victory garden fruits and veggies. Each is labeled, from the Dixie Watermelon to the Kentucky Field Pumpkin.