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      Grey coyote hand puppet in alert, seated position with fuzzy gray fur, black nose, black eyes, and gray tail with black tip.

      Coyote Hand Puppet

      The coyote hand puppet is ready for wily adventures. Movable mouth and forelegs in the iconic coyote pose.
      Human hand, palm up, holding a blue, fuzzy, feathery bluebird finger puppet.

      Mini Bluebird Finger Puppet

      A symbolic harbinger of happiness, the mini bluebird finger puppet will surely be a delightful addition to anyone's collection.
      Human hand, palm up, holding a fuzzy-feathery cardinal finger puppet.

      Mini Cardinal Finger Puppet

      This little crimson bird is waiting to perch on your hand.
      Picture of Mini Lop-eared Rabbit Finger Puppet

      Mini Lop-eared Rabbit Finger Puppet

      Irresistibly cute. This little rabbit is sure to be a springtime favorite. A toy that inspires imagination!
      Picture of Mini River Otter Finger Puppet

      Mini River Otter Finger Puppet

      This endearing river otter finger puppet is soft and sleek and ready to travel when you are! Give a toy that inspires imagination.
      Brown river otter hand puppet with black webbed feet, light brown cheeks, a black nose, little black ears, pink tongue, and wiskers.

      River Otter Hand Puppet

      This two-handed puppet features chestnut fur, whiskers, and detailed webbing on his leathery feet.
      Green, fabric, stuffed plush turtle hand puppet. Domed "shell" and open red mouth.

      Turtle Hand Puppet

      Plush and huggable, this turtle puppet in bright green plush has movable feet and mouth. Grab and pull the front of his shell and he can hide inside.
      Fuzzy pink piglet hand puppet with happy face and perky ears.

      Pink Piglet Hand Puppet

      With its sweet smiling face and curlicue tail, this little piglet is ready to sing along with your favorite barnyard tunes, tell stories, or just snuggle up.