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      Light blue socks with honey bee motif. Darker blue toe, heel cap, cuff.

      Socks that Protect Bees | Medium

      Buzzing bees for busy bees! Protect the pollinators that need it most in these buzz-worthy blue bee socks.
      Two tan socks with colorful butterfly motif.

      Socks that Protect Butterflies | Medium

      Embrace nature and make a difference with these fetching butterfly socks from Conscious Step! Adorned with a delightful array of colorful butterflies, they bring a touch of nature's splendor to your everyday wardrobe.
      light beige socks with blue hummingbirds motif. Light green toe, heel cap, and cuff.

      Socks that Protect Hummingbirds | Medium

      Hummingbirds are vibrant, dynamic symbols of the small but mighty. Wear this bright and cheerful hummingbird pair as your reminder that, you too, are capable of wonderful things.
      Sock with corn on the cob motif. Yellow corn over black background. Yellow toe and heel cap.

      Corn on the Cob Socks - Large

      Stalk up your sock collection with an "a-maize-ing" design that is corny in the best way.
      Sock with colorful umbrella and raindrop motif over dark green background. Light heel and toe cap.

      Umbrellas in the Rain Socks

      For when you feel like dancing in the rain or jumping in puddles. These socks will add a splash to your wardrobe.
      Blue sock with repeated image of swimming bass and fish hook. Sage green toe, heel, and cuff.

      All About the Bass Sock | Men's

      Comfortable, business-casual bass socks for the fisherman in your life! Fits men's shoe sizes 7-12.5.
      Trout Crew Sock in blue featuring trout fish up and down the sock.

      Trout Crew Sock (Blue) | Men's

      Business-casual trout socks that might just bring good luck to your next fishing trip! Fits men's shoe sizes 7-12.5.
      Trout Crew Sock in green featuring trout fish up and down the socks.

      Trout Crew Sock (Green) | Men's

      Fun business-casual socks for the fishing fanatic. Great for the office or weekend. Fits men's shoe sizes 7-12.5.
      Cow Spot Crew Sock featuring black and white spotted cow patterns with a pink toe.

      Cow Spots Crew Sock | Men's

      Udderly unique cow-spot socks that will amuse your friends and family! These socks contain no actual dairy products. Fits men's shoe sizes 7-12.5
      Mushroom Crew Sock in dark grey with red and white mushrooms. Top, heel, and toe are black.

      Mushroom Crew Sock | Men's

      Fashionable fungi. These mushroom socks fit men's shoe sizes 7-12.5.
      Significant Otter Crew Sock in blue with pairs of brown otters holding hands in water. Top, heel, and toe are dark blue.

      Significant Otter Crew Sock | Men's

      Cute gift for your significant "otter" (or the one that could be). Fits men's shoe sizes 7-12.5.
      Two gray socks with goat motif design. Repeating tan and white goats placed randomly on the gray socks.

      Silly Billy Crew Sock | Men's

      You, too, can be the G.O.A.T. when you sport these witty socks. Our staff think they’re pretty "baaaad". Fits men's shoe sizes 7-12.5.
      Beer Tap Crew Sock with blue up top on ankle with a beer tap pouring golden beer on the feet with bubbles.

      Beer Tap Crew Sock | Men's

      For the beer aficionado. Perfect for the office or a night out on the town. Fits men's shoe sizes 7-12.5.
      "Wisconsin Months" sock featuring multicolor images cultural icons of the state, including cheese, football, fish, cross country skiing, etc. White sock. Green toe and heel cap.

      Wisconsin Months Sock

      Wisconsin Months socks highlight all the amazing reasons to love living in the Badger State.
      Beige sock featuring image of a Brandy cocktail with cherry and words that say "Call me old fashioned. Brown cuff on top.

      Call Me Old Fashioned Sock

      Because you don't mind being called old fashioned; it's classic!
      Two gray socks with charcuterie motif design - illustrations of sausages and cheese. Light gray toe cap and cuff.

      Charcuterie Crew Sock | Men's

      Who says charcuterie can't be the main course — or a cool sock design? Fits men's shoe sizes 7-12.5.
      Blue sock with words on the side that say "Sweet dreams are made of cheese." Image of yellow cheese wedge under the words.

      Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese Socks

      While it has not been scientifically confirmed, we are relatively confident that Wisconsinites dream of cheese more often than dreamers in other states.
      Brown socks with jack-o-lantern-faced beer glass designs. Orange toe, heal cap, and cuff.

      Jack O'Lantern Beer Socks | Men's

      The perfect sock for Halloween and Oktoberfest. Fits men's shoe sizes 7-12.5.
      Pair of men's socks with beer mug and pretzel design on black background. Dark green toe cap and cuff.

      Oktoberfest Socks | Men's

      Perfect for when your lederhosen don't fit anymore. Wearable all months. Fits men's shoe sizes 7-12.5.
      Two green "tailgater" sock with pregame designs like footballs, grills, hot dogs, and burgers.

      Tailgater Crew Sock | Men's

      Need socks for game day? Great gift for football fans. Fits men's shoe sizes 7-12.5.
      Two green socks with Krampus illustrations, white snowflakes, and Christmas trees on the side. Black toe, heel cap, and cuff.

      Krampus Crew Sock Green | Men's

      Showcase everyone's favorite Christmas demon in these Krampus socks. Be sure to behave on Christmas Eve! Fits men's shoe sizes 7-12.5.
      Two blue and black plaid socks with white snowflake motif.

      Snowflakes Crew Sock | Men's

      Sometimes you just want to dress like a season, in plaid. Voila, we present to you the Snowflake Plaidern sock. Fits men's shoe sizes 7-12.5.