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      Agates of Lake Superior: Stunning Varieties and How They Are Formed

      Agates of Lake Superior: Stunning Varieties and How They Are Formed

      An extensive and critical look at all there is to know surrounding Lake Superior agates. A must-have resource for casual rock collectors and advanced hobbyists alike!
      Book cover of "Amphibians and Reptiles of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan with four photos of reptiles including a turtle, snake, salamander, and race-runner lizard.

      Amphibians & Reptiles of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan

      A definitive field identification guide to all 77 species and subspecies of reptiles and amphibians of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.
      Book cover of "Animal Tracks of the Midwest" with photo of paw print in mud and title in large brown font.

      Animal Tracks of the Midwest | Second Edition

      Easy-to-use guide with 90 track illustrations. Presents tracks of more than 95 mammal species, plus common birds and reptiles, for quick and easy identification.
      Animal Tracks book cover featuring dark blue background with white animal tracks across the page.

      Animal Tracks: Midwest Quick Guide

      Just what you need to identify animal tracks when out in the field in Wisconsin and other fine states of the midwest. Spiral bound.
      Book cover for "Birding for Beginners - Midwest" with title on top in bold red font and color photo of woodpecker on tree trunk.

      Birding for Beginners: Midwest

      Your guide to feeders, food, and the most common backyard birds. Give birding a try, and get started with the guidance of an expert!
      Birds of Wisconsin book cover featuring image of a robin

      Birds of Wisconsin Field Guide 3rd Edition

      Who's that bird visitng your feeder? Identify the birds you see in your back yard and on hikes throughout the state.
      Book cover of Butterflies of the Midwest with color photo of orange monarch butterfly perched on yellow flower.

      Butterflies of the Midwest Field Guide

      Identify midwestern butterflies with this easy-to-use field guide. 198 species of butterflies and common moths organized by color.
      Book cover of "A Dog Lover's Guide to Hiking Wisconsin State Parks" showing a dog on a leash walking a wooded trail.

      A Dog Lover's Guide to Hiking Wisconsin State Parks

      This book is a must-have for dog lovers who enjoy hiking in Wisconsin with their pup(s).
      Book cover of "Field Guide to Wisconsin Streams" with photo images of fish, a frog, a turtle, an insect, and a plant. White background and title in bold green font.

      Field Guide to Wisconsin Streams

      A collaborative effort by dozens of biologists and ecologists, Field Guide to Wisconsin Streams is accessible to anglers, teachers and students, amateur naturalists, and experienced scientists alike. More than 1,000 images.
      Fish of Wisconsin book cover featuring illustration of Musky swimming

      Fish of Wisconsin Field Guide

      Minnows to Muskies - Your essential resource for fish identification! Water resistant pages.
      Lake Superior Agates Field Guide book cover

      Lake Superior Agates Field Guide

      Identify your agate finds quickly and easily with this all-in-one identification guide. A must-have for beginners and experts.
      Mammals of Wisconsin

      Mammals of Wisconsin Field Guide

      Whose tracks are those? Learn about all the mammals of Wisconsin. Detailed photos, range maps, and more. Perfect size field guide for the backpack.
      Mushrooms of the Upper Midwest

      Mushrooms of the Upper Midwest Field Guide | 2nd Edition

      A concise field guide to common mushrooms. This is a small, full-color guide that helps mushroom hunters identify mushrooms commonly encountered in the upper midwest.
      Trees of Wisconsin

      Trees of Wisconsin Field Guide - 2nd Edition

      Learn all about Wisconsin trees! Filled with full-page photos and informative details.
      Book cover of "Waterfalls of Wisconsin" showing a color photograph of one of the state's waterfalls in a wooded setting.

      Waterfalls of Wisconsin

      With a decade of research and travels to furnish his repertoire, Troy Hess offers descriptions and picturesque views of the serenity and natural beauty of these wondrous waterways.
      Book cover of "Wild About Wisconsin Birds" with a color photo of a sandhill crane in habitat of tall grass with a blue sky behind. Tan title banner across the top.

      Wild About Wisconsin Birds

      Family-friendly guide to 70 Wisconsin birds, featuring large photographs and fascinating facts. Second Edition.
      Cover of  the spiral-bound "Wildflowers of the Midwest" quick guide with color photo of a tiger lily and the title above.

      Wildflowers of the Midwest Quick Guide

      Tabbed booklet organized by color for quick identification of 153 wildflowers of the midwest.
      Wildflowers of Wisconsin

      Wildflowers of Wisconsin Field Guide

      Identify 200 of Wisconsin's beautiful wildflowers with this field guide, created by Stan Tekiela. You will be an expert in no time!
      Book cover of "100 Things to do in Madison Before You Die." Blue cover with title in large, bold, yellow and white font.

      100 Things to do in Madison Before You Die | Second Edition

      Your starting point for exploring, or falling anew for, this vibrant and independently spirited city.
      Book cover of "100 Things to Do in Wisconsin Before You Die" with title in bold white font on red background.

      100 Things to do in Wisconsin Before You Die

      100 Things to Do in Wisconsin Before You Die is a comprehensive guide to all the must-see, must-taste, and must-do activities for the whole family. Start planning your next adventure today!
      Book cover of "Start Mushrooming" by Stan Tekiela with full page color photo of plate filled with different mushrooms.

      Start Mushrooming | 2nd Edition

      Begin identifying and collecting seven edible mushrooms (and learn what to watch for and avoid)!