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Book cover of Wisconsin Legends and Lore by Tea Krulos with pictures of Paul Bunyan, Native American Indians, a Hodag statue, and a lumberjack camp.

Wisconsin Legends and Lore

Haunting and curious tales from Dairyland. Author Tea Krulos, an expert in all things strange and unusual, digs up Wisconsin favorites and arcane lore.
Book cover of "The Geography of Wisconsin" with the title in large font over a background photograph of a wooded, rocky hillside under a blue sky.

The Geography of Wisconsin

A must-have resource for anyone interested in Wisconsin's prehistoric and contemporary geography. This book will stand the test of time as a vital contribution to physical and cultural geographic study of the Badger state. 472 pages.
Book cover of "Hidden History of the Wisconsin Dells Area" showing the title superimposed over a photograph of a flat gray stone.

Hidden History of the Wisconsin Dells

Local expert Ross M. Curry has been chronicling the Dells region for almost sixty years. Join him for chapters of the area's story that he himself has witnessed, and then follow him as he hikes back to a time before the Kilbourn Dam, when towns were lit by gaslight.
The cover of "Hello Wisconsin" showing a colorful illustration of a parent badger and child badger fishing in a boat.

Hello Wisconsin Board Book

Parent and child badgers visit iconic sites and partake in some of Wisconsinites' favorite activities in this colorful board book.
Book cover of "Haunted Heartland" by Michael Norman with picture of green corn stalks in a field under a cloudy sky.

Haunted Heartland 2nd Edition

Astonishing accounts of ghosts, mysterious lights, and haunted houses in the midwest.
Book cover of "Place Names of Wisconsin" showing a map of Wisconsin and the title of the book in large font under the picture of the map.

Place Names of Wisconsin

Fun to read and packed with information, Place Names of Wisconsin is a must-have for anyone interested in Wisconsin and Midwest history, language, geography, and culture—or anyone who simply wonders “why did they name it that?”
Book cover to "Wild Rice Goose" showing a picture of two freshly caught trout, a fishing reel, fowl feathers, antlers, and a trout fishing basket.

Wild Rice Goose and other Dishes of the Upper Midwest

This is your guide to cooking wildfoods that you can hunt, fish, or forage—or buy—in the Upper Midwest.
Madison Ghosts and Legends Book cover featuring Madison state capital building with large moon in background and dark night sky.

Madison Ghosts and Legends

From the prowling Beast of Bray Road to what is thought to be Wisconsin’s most haunted bar, a spine-tingling location is never far away. Join author Anna Lardinois to discover some of Madison’s most macabre tales.
Book cover of "Waterfalls of Wisconsin" showing a color photograph of one of the state's waterfalls in a wooded setting.

Waterfalls of Wisconsin

With a decade of research and travels to furnish his repertoire, Troy Hess offers descriptions and picturesque views of the serenity and natural beauty of these wondrous waterways.