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      Book cover of "Beginnings" by Thomas D. Peacock with color illustration of a landscape with lake, trees, and sky. Title in bold white font.

      Beginnings: The Homeward Journey of Donovan Manypenny

      Heartfelt and bittersweet and layered with meaning, this book will resonate with anyone who longs to make the journey home, wherever that may be.
      Book cover of "Firefly" by Betsy Albert-Peacock with color illustration of two small school dormatories under a night sky.

      Firefly: A Boarding School Story

      A hauntingly beautiful story about a little girl, Firefly, who is taken away from her grandmother and put in mission school. A must read Native boarding school story.
      Book cover of "Following My Spirit Home" by Sam Zimmerman with artistic rendering of two birds at sunset on the left and the title on the right.

      Following My Spirit Home: A Collection of Paintings and Stories

      Artist Sam Zimmerman / Zhaawanoogiizhik explores nature, family, and Ojibwe culture through his painting, personal stories and stories handed down through generations.
      Book cover of "Hummingbird and the Little People" with a color illustration of a girl sleeping at the base of  a tree in the woods. Two little people watch her.

      Hummingbird and the Little People (and a VERY big person too)

      A young girl, Hummingbird (Nenookass) chases a squirrel and becomes lost in the woods. Thankfully, she finds the helpful little people (memegwesiwag) who help her get back home with the assistance of the giant, Sabe. Beautifully illustrated.
      Book cover of "Little Dandelion" with illustration of a personified yellow dandelion with bumblebee. Title in bold, brown font.

      Little Dandelion

      In this charming and fully illustrated Ojibwe story, a young dandelion learns about the stages of life with the support of his parents and grandmother.
      Book cover of "Little People of the Dawn" with illustration of a small penninsula or promontory in a lake or stream with green hills on the horizon. Orange sky.

      Little People of the Dawn

      A beautiful Passamaqoddy story about a young girl who comes upon the little people. A lesson in the need to preserve our languages and culture.
      Rabbit and Otter book cover featuring illustration of rabbit and otter in field

      Rabbit and Otter | Waabooz miinawaa Nigig

      A delightful story about a rabbit and otter who go harvesting wild rice. Written in English and Ojibwemowin.
      Cover of "Rabbit and Otter Go Sugarbushing" with illustration of a white rabbit and brown otter sitting together on the bank of a stream. Grassy meadow in the background and blue sky above.

      Rabbit and Otter Go Sugarbushing | Gii-iskigamizigewaad Waabooz miinawaa Nigig

      Follow Rabbit and Otter as they go out to harvest maple sap and meet a new friend, Squirrel. Beautifully illustrated. In English and Ojibwemowin.
      Rez Dog book cover featuring illustration of dog in front of road with traffic

      Rez Dog

      A heartwarming children's story about a rescue dog and his journey to finding a new home!
      Cover of children's book: Takoza: Walks with the Blue Moon Girl. A grandmother with basket of flowers stands with granddaughter.

      Takoza: Walks with the Blue Moon Girl

      In this illustrated children’s story, the grandmother teaches her takoza (granddaughter) through stories while making star quilts and gardening.
      The Boy From Pickerel Lake: A Dakota Story book cover with black and white drawing image

      The Boy From Pickerel Lake | A Dakota Story

      An inspiring tale about a young Dakota basketball player whose determination and courage lead him through adversities. Set in 1930's South Dakota.
      The Dancers book cover featuring drawing graphic of young girl dressed in yellow and red

      The Dancers

      A heartwarming children's story about a young Native girl and her family.
      Forever Sky book cover with illustration of orange starry sky and man and young child standing

      The Forever Sky

      Wonderful children's story about the strength in passing down stories about life and death through generations. Beautifully illustrated!
      Book cover of "Wolf's Trail" novel by Thomas Peacock with illustration of a nighttime lakeshore scene with swirling, starry sky and wolf howling.

      The Wolf's Trail: An Ojibwe Story, Told by Wolves

      Stories of the Ojibwe people told from the perspective of an elderly wolf. A profound blend of histlry, spirituality, and a dash of wolf wisdom and humor.
      Book cover of Book cover of "To Be Free" by Thomas Peacock. Illustration of 4 children stretching upward, touching or almost touching a cluster of birds above their heads.

      To Be Free: Understanding and Eliminating Racism

      Readers of "To Be Free" are invited to learn about the history and many expressions of racism, to explore ways of combating it, and to dare imagining a society free of it. For middle school age through adult readers. Updated second edition.
      Book cover of "The Little People and the Water of Life" showing a an illustration of a Native girl standing with a turtle and bird at her side and a "little person" on her shoulder. A maple tree is in the background, with a little person peeking around from behind the trunk.

      The Little People and the Water of Life

      A beautifully told and illustrated story of when the little people gave the Anishinabe people the gift of maple syrup.
      Book cover of "We Will Find Our Way" showing an illustration of a girl reaching up to a star. Background "sky" has wavy stripes and the teal foreground looks like water.

      We Will Find Our Way

      A story about a Lakota grandmother and her two grandchildren. Skateboards play a role in the author's life and appear through the story's illustrations.