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Wood carousel model from UGears. Shown assembled from side.

UGears Carousel Model

Take a trip down memory lane with the nostalgic mechanical Carousel model from UGears. This is a classic merry-go-round model is implemented in top-quality sustainable wood. Difficulty level: Hard.
Wooden antique cash register model by UGears. Shown assembled.

UGears Cash Register Model

The vintage Art Deco body of the model makes it a decorative decor item or a welcome gift for a friend or colleague. This clever mechanical model can also help to teach kids about counting in a simple and fun way.
Small wooden model of combine harvester by UGears. Shown assembled, side view.

UGears Combine Harvester Model

A first-class example of the wonder of motion mechanics. This intermediate level model is set in motion by its rubber-band motor. Roll it backwards to power the motor up. Precision, laser-cut wooden parts.
Mechanical wooden horse model by Ugears shown from side, facing right, made from small, laser-cut pieces of thin plywood.

UGears Horse Mechanoid Model

A unique, challenging model that joins nature and mechanics together. The innovative mechanism of this beautiful model makes the "bionic horse" a real walking quadruped. The kit is made of sustainably sourced, high-grade plywood. Difficulty level, hard!
Small wooden model of a biplane, assembled, made of wooden parts that were laser cut from thin wood.

UGears Mini Biplane Model

Just pull the model biplane back along a surface to wind it up, release, and watch it go! No glue or special tools are required to assemble this DIY kit. Just punch the pre-cut pieces out of their composite wood boards and snap them together. A good starter model.
Side view of small wooden motorcycle model kit by UGears; assembled.

UGears Motor Bike Model VM-02

Get your leather jacket and absorb the exhilaration of total velocity with the bold and beautiful motorcycle model from UGears. Difficulty level: Intermediate.