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      Stuffed Animal Badger Plush Toy with brown and white coloring. Black nose with claws.

      Badger Plush Stuffed Animal

      The perfect companion for any young Wisconsinite, this soft, cuddly Badger Plush stands about 11 inches tall and was designed exclusively for the Wisconsin Historical Society store.
      Plush green stuffed hodag toy called "Happy the Hodag." Fuzzy green figure with large eyes and two white horns.

      Happy the Hodag Plush

      The Happy the Hodag premium plush toy stands 12" tall, is self-standing and features an embroidered details.
      Yellow, soft plush toy in the shape of Wisconsin. Two little black legs and eyes. A short black arm holds a red heart.

      Wisconsin Stuffed State Plush

      Soft, squishy, adorable plushies made in the shape of the badger state. There's no place like home!
      Picture of 2019 Wisconsin State Capitol Ornament

      2019 Wisconsin State Capitol Ornament

      In 1895 sculptress Jean Pond Miner received an unusual honor for a woman of her day: her seven-foot tall allegorical statue "Forward" was given a prominent position at the Wisconsin State Capitol. "Forward" is an allegory of devotion and progress, qualities Miner felt Wisconsin embodied.
      Wisconsin State Capitol 2021 ornament with evergreen tree in the capitol rotunda. The tree is fully ornamented.

      2021 Wisconsin State Capitol Ornament

      The 2021 State Capitol Ornament celebrates Wisconsin's century-old tradition of the Capitol tree that brightens the State Capitol rotunda every year. Booklet and presentation gift box included!
      Tree ornament with image of the Wisconsin capitol dome in the background. In the foreground are colorful farmer's market images like vendor tents, produce, and flowers.

      2022 Wisconsin State Capitol Ornament

      The 2022 State Capitol Ornament celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Dane County Farmers' Market, one of the premier farmers' markets in the nation.
      Front of 2023 State Capitol Ornament showing image of the Wisconsin State Capitol building illuminated at twighlight and the symphony plays in the foreground.

      2023 Wisconsin State Capitol Ornament

      The 2023 State Capitol Ornament commemorates 40 years of Concerts on the Square with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra.
      Wisconsin State Capitol model in white with black platform

      Wisconsin State Capitol Miniature Model

      Wisconsin State Capitol Miniature Over the past one hundred years, the Wisconsin State Capitol has dominated the Madison skyline and its civic life. This miniature is a perfect gift for collectors, architects, legislators, hobbyists, and all proud Wisconsinites!
      Lake Superior Unsalted & Shark Free Cap

      Lake Superior Cap | Unsalted & Shark Free

      Keep the sun out of your eyes while visiting Lake Superior, which remains to this day unsalted and shark-free!
      Suffrage Buttons

      Cast Your Vote Buttons

      Turn heads at the polls with buttons that celebrate the democratic process.
      $1.95 $0.49
      Two options of the vertical, rectangle pins.

      Conservation Lapel Pins

      Show your support of Wisconsin's beautiful natural environment when you where a conservation lapel pin. WHS custom designs from our historic image collection!
      $8.95 $6.71
      Round pin with a white band on the outer edge and red text reading "Ever Gleaming" on top and "Celebrating America's Aluminum Christmas Tree" below. The inner circle is green with a white starburst shape containing a red Christmas tree shape and the green text "Est. 1959".

      Ever Gleaming Lapel Pin

      Unique pin to add to your collection. Features Wisconsin's famous aluminum Christmas tree! Enamel on metal.
      $5.95 $1.49
      Picture of Old World Wisconsin Soap

      Old World Wisconsin Soap

      A favorite at the museum store at Old World Wisconsin. French-milled. Choose classic lavender or our new lemon verbena scent. Buy more and save!
      From $5.22
      Front of card with the lapel pin in the middle in front of a green illustration of the watering pot. Old World Wisconsin logo on top.

      Watering Pot Lapel Pin

      Watering pot lapel pin from Old World Wisconsin. A gift for the gardener in your lift, or add to your collection!
      Wisconsin Passport- cover

      Wisconsin Passport

      Wisconsin Passport: An illustrated, informative, and fun booklet on Wisconsin. Great in classrooms and also on family trips around Wisconsin.
      From $5.15
      Seipps Bottle Opener

      Seipp's Bottle Opener

      Crack open your favorite Wisconsin beer with this novelty beer bottle opener.
      Picture of Votes for Women Key Chain

      Votes for Women Key Chain

      Celebrate the 100 year anniversary of women's suffrage with the Votes for Women key Chain.
      $6.63 $3.32
      Villa Louis Key Chain

      Villa Louis Key Chain

      Let this Villa Louis Key Chain remind you of your time at Villa Louis, one of twelve sites within the Wisconsin Historical Society. Makes a great souvenir or small gift! Faux pewter finish.
      $4.74 $3.56
      This beer stein shaped pin has a dark red background with a silver outlining of the mug and beer foam.  The silver text reads "No Beer No Work".

      No Beer, No Work Pin

      A simple pin with a clear and historical message. This is an essential pin for any hard worker and beer lover!
      The blue and white cow head pin is situated on a blue placard that says in yellow and white  text "It's not just better with's the law."

      Better with Butter Pin

      Julia Child once said, "with enough butter, anything is good." Show your love of butter with this pin from the Wisconsin Historical Society.
      Square pin with a white background, a black outline, and black text reading "Votes for Women"

      Votes for Women Lapel Pin

      This pin celebrates the determination, hard work of the Suffragette movement to incur the right for women to vote.
      $5.69 $2.84
      Votes for Women Buttons

      Votes for Women Button

      Share in the centennial celebration of the ratification of the 19th Ammendment!
      $0.95 $0.24
      Wisconsin Flag Minature with Blue Wisconsin flag connected to black stick

      Wisconsin State Flag (Miniature)

      Get ready for your next parade and show off your Wisconsin pride with this miniature Wisconsin State Flag! Details below.
      From $5.35
      Capitol Playing Cards showing five face cards and then the back of card with Blue capitol and light blue sky with yellow clouds.

      Capitol Playing Cards

      Perfect for a friendly game of gin rummy, go fish, or cribbage! Keep a deck in the glove box for road trips, picnics, and lakeside games.
      I Will Vote Key Chain

      I Will Vote Key Chain

      Our I Will Vote key chain is an exclusive Society design. The historical image is from a poster made from an engraving, circa 1910.
      $9.95 $4.98
      Women's Suffrage Magnets

      Women's Suffrage Magnets

      The historical images is from the Society's historic image collection. Details, below!
      $7.95 $3.98
      Lapel pin shaped as the Wade House historic site logo. The top half of the logo is a man driving a carriage driven by two horses talking to a man and women dressed in old-fashioned clothing. Under that image is the site name "Wade House" in a red banner, and "A Wisconsin Historic Site" underneath.

      Wade House Lapel Pin

      Fun and interesting pin to add to your collection! Features Wade House Historic Site located in Greenbush, Wisconsin!
      $4.95 $3.71
      Evergleaming Vinyl Sticker

      Ever Gleaming Vinyl Stickers

      Ever Gleaming Vinyl Stickers - 3" Diameter. A Society exclusive item.
      $3.95 $1.98
      	Ever Gleaming Thermos

      Ever Gleaming Thermos

      From mulled wine to cold cider, keep drinks steaming hot or ice cold with a practical Ever Gleaming thermos! A Society design. Tom & Jerry anyone?
      $26.95 $13.48
      The lapel pin is mug shaped with beer foam at the top of the mug.  The pin is copper toned with the foam "top" painted white, and black text on the mug reading "We Want Beer".

      We Want Beer Pin

      Celebrate your love for beer, and support Old World Wisconsin's Brewing Experience and beer garden!
      Round holiday ornament with a stained glass window design from Villa Louis historic site. Red, blue, orange.

      Villa Louis Stained Glass Porcelain Ornament

      Porcelain ornament with a design based on a stained glass window at the Villa Louis mansion in Prairie du Chien.
      Four water bottles with Old World Wisconsin graphic on them. Colors left to right are maroon, forest green, white, and black.

      Old World Wisconsin Water Bottle

      Enameled stainless steel waterbottle with Old World Wisconsin design. 28 ounces.
      Three baseball caps with embroidered Old World Wisconsin design. Three colors, left to right, black, forest green, and brown.

      Old World Wisconsin Baseball Cap

      A great souvenir of your trip to Old World Wisconsin. Three colors.
      Museum Nerd pin  with pink enamel text that says "Museum Nerd." The pin is mounted on blue display card.

      Museum Nerd Enamel Lapel Pins

      Wear your museum nerd pride with an authentic Museum Nerd pin. Hot pink or blue.
      Rectangular cloth patch with rounded corners. Black background with large, striped, rainbow font that reads "Museum Nerd".

      Museum Nerd Patch

      Perfect for jeans, jackets, caps, and backpacks. Get your Nerd patch today!
      Museum Nerd sticker with the word "Musuem" on top and the word "Nerd" below. Pinstripe rainbow font on black background.

      Museum Nerd Sticker

      Perfect for notebooks, snowboards, instrument cases, bumpers, and more. Order your Nerd stickers today!
      William Morris Jasmine Bookmark displayed with gold plated finish and a gold tassel.

      William Morris Jasmine Design Bookmark

      Striking gold jasmine designed bookmark by William Morris, the late British textile designer.
      Rectangular bookmark with green and red floral design and decorative red string.

      William Morris Leicester Design Bookmark

      Flowers and greenery delicately woven around and in between themselves to create a unique and beautiful pattern. Brass.
      Yule Goat Key Chain including silver brass keychain attached to head of goat. Goat made of rope string with a red ribbon wrapped around body.

      Julbock (Yule Goat) Key Chain

      A festive key chain with holiday spirit! The Julbock wishes you good tidings and cheer each holiday season.
      $11.95 $8.96
      Rectangular refridgerator magnet with colorful, geometric designs by Frank Lloyd Wright.

      Fridge Magnet - Coonley Playhouse Design

      Colorful magnet with Coonley Playhouse design by Frank Lloyd Wright.
      Rectangular refridgerator magnet with colorful, geometric designs by Frank Lloyd Wright.

      Fridge Magnet - Hoffman Rug Design

      Colorful magnet with Hoffman Rug Design by Frank Lloyd Wright.
      Round magnet showing Madison Wisconsin's chain of lakes. Blue lakes on white background.

      Fridge Magnet - Madison Lakes Chain

      From Lake Mendota to Lake Kegonsa, this round magnet shows the five lakes of Madison.
      I Will Vote Mug seen from 3 angles allowing you to read, I WILL VOTE plus the black and white illustrated suffragist

      I Will Vote Mug

      Get ready for voting-season and celebrate the centennial anniversary of women's rights to vote with this mug, exclusively from the Wisconsin Historical Society! The historical image is from a poster made from an engraving, circa 1910.
      $12.95 $6.48
      Product photo of miniature wood cutout of Old World Wisconsin's Four Mile House, a restored historic stagecoach inn dating to 1853.

      Four Mile House Miniature

      Bring a little Old World Wisconsin into your home. This miniature of Old World Wisconsin's Four Mile House (1853) is detailed, stands on its own, and is made in the U.S.
      	Front of a miniature cutout of Old World Wisconsin's General Store dating to 1876. A "General Store" sign above the porch. Open door. Chimney on top.

      General Store Miniature

      Bring a little Old World Wisconsin into your home. This detailed miniature of Old World Wisconsin's General Store (1876) is open for business. It stands on its own and is made in the U.S.
      Facade of historic St. Peter's Catholic white church as it appears on the miniature home decor piece. Two arched windows, left and right of the entrance, and a steeple atop.

      St. Peter's Church Miniature

      Bring a little Old World Wisconsin into your home with this miniature of Old World Wisconsin's St. Peter's Church (1839). It is detailed, stands on its own, and is made in the U.S!
      Old World Wisconsin bucket hat. The hat is green with white, puffy clouds and the words "Old World Wisconsin" repeated throughout.

      Bucket Hat - Old World Wisconsin

      Reversible. Fun. Cute. Practical. This classic bucket hat features classic motifs from Old World Wisconsin!
      An image of the flag of Madison, Wisconsin on a bumper sticker

      Madison Flag Bumper Sticker

      Show off your Madisonian pride with a Madison flag bumper sticker!
      $4.95 $2.48
      A patch with the Wisconsin Historical Society's logo with "Wisconsin Historical Society," written below the logo

      Wisconsin Historical Society Embroidered Patch

      Perfect for jeans, jackets, caps, and backpacks!
      $5.95 $2.98
      The side of the shot glass that "Forward," is written in cursive

      Forward Shot Glass

      This shot glass features Wisconsin's state motto. Collectible!
      $6.95 $3.48
      An acrylic cup with an illustration of the Madison Lakes Chain

      Double Walled Resort Tumbler

      A resort tumbler of the Madison lakes chain, sustainably manufactured, designed and assembled in America.
      The cover of the journal featuring a graphic of the Wisconsin Capitol

      Wisconsin Capitol Graphic Journal

      A hardcover notebook featuring a graphic of the Wisconsin Capitol.
      $14.95 $7.48