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Equinox Earrings

Price $16.00

Leaf shaped earrings that are handmade right here in Wisconsin! Gold-plated earwire. Oxidized brass leaf charm with brass chain. Various gemstone heishi beads.

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Snakebite Earrings

Price $14.00

Wear some Wisconsin on your ears with these earrings handmade from birchbark! Antique brass earwire with a birchbark charm rectangle, topped with an etched and patinated copper charm make these earrings super unique and reminiscent of the birch bark trees found in Wisconsin forests.

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Handmade Galena Jewelry

Wear Wisconsin's state mineral as earrings or pendants with one of this season's newest trends- raw stone jewelry. Perfect as a set or individually as a gift!

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Crescent Horn Necklace

Price $68.00

Adorn yourself in this beautifully made crescent shaped necklace. Handmade right here in Wisconsin, each necklace is unique and bound to amp up your wardrobe.

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"Adventure Awaits" Pendant

Price $26.00

Madison, Wisconsin is one of the most bike-friendly places in the world! Show off your love of bicycling our city with this great bicycle pendant featuring the motto "Adventure Awaits!"

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Bicycle Earrings

Price $18.00

In Madison, Wisconsin, we bike year round. Show off your love of the bicycle with this gorgeous earrings featuring a bike pendant and copper beading!

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"Wisconsin Girl" Pendant

Price $23.00

Represent your favorite state with this great necklace! The pendant features the phrase "WI Girl" with a blue gem and a mini gold cutout of Wisconsin!

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Madison Flag Earrings

Price $18.00

Did you know that the city of Madison has its own flag? Truly one of the most unique city flags out there, you can now own the flag on a pair of earrings!

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"Happy Camper" Pendant

Price $30.00

One of the favorite pastimes in Wisconsin is heading Up North, which is one of the best places to camp! Show off your love of camping in the Wisconsin wilderness with this pendant featuring a groovy retro camper charm.

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"Happy Camper" Earrings

Price $18.00

Camping up north in Wisconsin is one of our favorite pastimes! Show off your love for the Wisconsin wilderness with these groovy earrings featuring a silver retro camper.

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"Up North" Pendant

Price $22.00

Up North- one of the favorite vacation spots of Wisconsinites. Whether you are camping, hiking, boating, or hunting, up north is the place to be. Show off your love for up north with this great pendant!

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Wisconsin Map Pendant

Price $32.00

Bring together your love of Wisconsin and your love of history with this Wisconsin map pendant. Featuring an image from the Wisconsin Historical Society images collection along with a gold cut out of Wisconsin and either the phrase "WI Born" or "WI Pride."

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