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1835 Afternoon Costume

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This dress is constructed in the large sleeve-style of the 1830s known as “gigot.” The full, ankle-length skirt is attached to a separate high-waisted bodice with hooks and eyes. The original costume is of brown watered silk and was worn over full petticoats.

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1840 Day Dress

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This simple day dress has the narrow sleeves and “Marie Stuart” waist popular during the middle and late years of the decade. Cartridge pleating at the waist gives the skirt its soft, rounded shape, which can be further accentuated by wearing gathered petticoats. Our dress is based on an original made of cotton furniture check in green and brown on cream.

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1857 Promenade Dress

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Worn over a full, round hoop skirt, this afternoon costume evokes memories of a Scarlet O’Hara pre-Civil War dress. The two-piece dress sports the wide pagoda sleeves popular during the 1850s. The original moiré-striped silk taffeta gown with silk fringe was worn by the wife of a Wisconsin congressman.

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1865 Paletot Jacket Ensemble

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The three-piece dress is meant to be worn over a full oval hoop. The short-waisted bodice is a perfect example of 1860s style, as is the full skirt, which is at its largest for the nineteenth-century. The loose-fitting paletot jacket, a fashion popular throughout the decade, adds the finishing touch.

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1873 Bustle

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The perfect accompaniment for our 1874 dress, this long, narrow bustle shape was used to define skirt lines during the 1870s. Our “fishtail”-style bustle can be adjusted for the fuller silhouette of the early 1870s or the narrower silhouette of the decade’s later years.

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1874 Bustled Dinner Gown

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The pattern has many of the typical features of an early 1870s dress including a tight-fitting, short-waisted bodice with peplum and coat sleeves, a bustled apron-style overskirt, and a skirt with straight front and full back. The original was made from bright blue silk faille and trimmed with dark blue velveteen and white satin.

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1888 Reception Toilette

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The classic elements of the late 1880s silhouette, including a tailored bodice, tight sleeves, off-the-floor skirt, and prominent bustle, are all seen in this elegant two-piece dress. The original of gray silk faille with white silk neck inset and gold braid was made to be a wedding dress.

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1893 Visiting Costume

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Representing one of the most popular fashions of the 1890s, this two-piece dress features full bishop sleeves with ruffled cuffs in contrast fabric. The delicately shirred high neckline and attached capelet complete the proper Victorian look. The original dress is a cream wool grenadine shadow-printed in lavender and light green and trimmed with purple silk.

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1894 Walking Suit

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The indispensable “tailor suit” for the active Victorian woman, our walking suit sports the enormous “leg-o’-mutton” sleeve of the mid-1890s. The jacket and mock bodice are one piece, but provide the look of two separate pieces. The original is of navy blue wool broadcloth with a woven-patterned brown silk bodice and collar.

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