Lafayette: The Boy General (America's Founders Series)

Lafayette: The Boy General (America's Founders Series)
Lafayette: The Boy General (America's Founders Series)
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By: John P. Kaminski

Lafayette: The Boy General provides a concise but vibrant exploration of one of America’s Revolutionary leaders—the French General, The Marquis de Lafayette. Told in a lively manner and expert historic detail, this chapbook is part of the America’s Founders Biographical Series, which also features George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Abigail Adams.

The elegant prose of America’s Revolutionary generation is found in the America’s Founders Biographical Series by US Constitution historian John P. Kaminski, who adds dimension to the historic dramas of revolution and nation-making. Unlike traditional biographies, the chapbooks in this series emphasize the character, mannerisms, and physical appearance of the subjects as they were known to their contemporaries. In a unique way, the illuminating vignettes and "behind-the-curtain” glimpses of both well-known and obscure events provide a new perspective on the Founding generation.

Published by Wisconsin Historical Society Press

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ISBN: 9781893311848