They Came To Wisconsin
They Came To Wisconsin
Paperback: $15.95
144 pp, photos, maps
ISBN: 9780870203280

Published by Wisconsin Historical Society Press

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By Julia Pferdehirt

They Came to Wisconsin tells the story of those who settled in the state during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This book may be unique in basing content for young readers completely on primary migration and immigration narratives and descriptions. Children's author Julia Pferdehirt researched journals, diaries, and letters from European groups from the Society's collections and utilized oral history from African American, Latino, and Hmong sources to glean the firsthand stories that make this book relevant, inclusive, and thorough.

These accounts portray the transformation of individuals' and families' lives as they moved to begin anew in Wisconsin. As students move through the three major units of the book--leaving the homeland, making the journey, and settling in the state--they will be able to compare and contrast experiences of those who came to Wisconsin in the last two hundred years.

Although this fourth book in the Badger History Series is similar in format to the others in the series, it has several new features. Its expanded length allows us to include both unit introductions and summaries and photographs, maps, and larger original artwork created specifically for the book. Key icons help students navigate and identify the critical elements of each of the three longer units. Inviting illustrations of our trademarked badger and informational side bars also clarify the concepts and content in the book's 136 two-color, kid friendly pages. They Came to Wisconsin also contains an index and glossary.