Another Look: WI Photographs Past and Present

Another Look: WI Photographs Past and Present
Another Look: WI Photographs Past and Present
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32 page booklet, 9.5 x 11" folder with 16 8.5 x 11" perforated cards containing 32 b/w photos
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By Bobbie Malone, with an essay by Nicolette Bromberg

If, as the well-worn adage puts it, a picture is worth a thousand words, then what better way to engage students' interest in history by introducing them to photographs as historical documents? Another Look: Wisconsin Photographs Past and Present is a resource kit for upper-elementary and middle-school students that provides sixteen pairs of photographs contrasting people and places from Wisconsin's history with similar scenes from the present.
Taken from a special sesquicentennial collection at the Visual Materials Archive of the State Historical Society, these photographs have been reproduced on heavy cardstock and perforated so that they can be used separately or in other combinations.
A 32-page Teacher's Guide, filled with background information, basic guidelines, and specific suggestions for planning comparative photography projects, accompanies the photographs.
As in Celebrating Everyday Life in Wisconsin History, this resource kit is designed to encourage students to look more closely at the history of their own communities. The Teacher's Guide includes suggestions for developing short- and/or long-term projects that link students to local resources. Some ideas involve looking at historic photographs from family or community members to create interactive bulletin boards and timelines that visually demonstrate the concepts of change and continuity over time. The resource folder contains both the photograph cards and a Teacher's Guide.

Published by Wisconsin Historical Society Press