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Brandy Old Fashioned Glass

Brandy Old Fashioned Glass

Celebrate Wisconsin's (unofficial) state cocktail with this unique glass, a Society exclusive!
Frontside of a dark gray crew-cut t-shirt with an orange and yellow design and font. A yellow lemon slice sits on the lip of an orange, short cocktail glass with a cherry shaped like Wisconsin. The print says "The Brandy Old Fashioned", underneath: "Sweet Sour or Press", underneath: "Muddle. Garnish. Enjoy."

Brandy Old Fashioned Shirt

Brandy Old Fashioned T-Shirt! Muddle. Garnish. Enjoy.
Wade House, Fri Jan 21, 6 - 8 pm

Old Fashioned Night: Pre-Mix Marathon

Celebrate Wisconsin's signature cocktail while enjoying drinks, live music, appetizers, and more at Wade House.

Online ticket sales have ended. Tickets still available on-site.


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