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      Two large, flat, square dangle earrings with blue abstract cutout designs fused to the white square surface. Handmade from polymer clay.

      Cobalt Cutouts Square Dangle Earrings

      Large, bold, avant-garde style earrings with artsy flair. Handmade in small batches by a woman-owned, Wisconsin shop!
      $30.00 $22.50
      Two white dangle earrings with an arch shape design. Each arch has 2 rectangular cutouts with one faux river pearl suspended in each rectangle cutout..

      Florence Arch Earrings

      Classy, lightweight, white earrings with a river pearl dangle. Handmade in small batches by a woman-owned, Wisconsin shop!
      $30.00 $22.50
      Two flat floral design earrings, handmade from polymer clay. The earrings rest on a square white tile with a sprig of small wildflowers.  Colorful flower designs on a white background.

      Funky Floral Earrings

      Colorful floral design dangle earrings, handmade in small batches by a woman-owned, Wisconsin shop!
      $20.00 $15.00
      Two olive green dangle earrings in the shape of arches with a white river pearl positioned in the middle void of the arch.

      Green Arches River Pearl Earrings

      Colorful, classy, and lightweight dangle earrings with river pearls. Handmade in small batches by a woman-owned, Wisconsin shop!
      $21.00 $15.75
      Two flat, light toned earrings with abstract, oblong, "cellular" shape, each with six curvy appendages extending from the center.

      Groovy Shape Earrings in Neutral Tones

      Fun, wonky design earrings with artsy flair. Handmade in small batches by a woman-owned, Wisconsin shop!
      $20.00 $15.00
      Tulip earrings with pink flower blossoms and green leaves. One blossom per earring. No stems.

      Tulip Earrings

      Cute, springtime earrings with a little dangle. Handmade in small batches by a woman-owned, Wisconsin shop!
      $20.00 $5.00
      Quartz Earrings 2-Up image with clear crystal earrings attached to brown paper packaging.

      Quartz Crystal Earrings

      Bring balance to the mind, body, and spirit with beautiful, clear, quartz crystal earrings. Made in Wisconsin.
      Two-tone, elongated teardrop shape earrings, ivory white on top, wood below. Earrings mounted on brown paper card.

      Teardrop Earrings | Ivory & Wood

      Beautifully stylish, these two-tone teardrop dangle earrings provide holistic well-being to your day!
      A tan colored hemp pouch with a large illustrated image of a white crane walking through a brown forest with an orange-brown background. In a vintage looking bubble font the text reads "Protect our Wild Beauty".

      Protect Our Wild Beauty Zip Pouch

      Large e-conscious hemp zip pouch featuring a WHS historic image supporting nature's beauty. A WHS exlcusive!
      $19.95 $9.98
      Black tote bag with a black handle and white font that reads "Votes for Women"

      Votes for Women Tote Bag

      Celebrate the 100 year anniversary of women's suffrage with this unique tote bag.
      $29.95 $14.98
      Two options of the vertical, rectangle pins.

      Conservation Lapel Pins

      Show your support of Wisconsin's beautiful natural environment when you where a conservation lapel pin. WHS custom designs from our historic image collection!
      $8.95 $6.71
      Round metal lapel pin that says "CRAFTSMAN" in raised chrome letters. Gold-tone chrome with black enamel.

      Craftsman Pin

      Who are you? A Craftsman. Black with gold chrome.
      $12.95 $9.71
      Round pin with a white band on the outer edge and red text reading "Ever Gleaming" on top and "Celebrating America's Aluminum Christmas Tree" below. The inner circle is green with a white starburst shape containing a red Christmas tree shape and the green text "Est. 1959".

      Ever Gleaming Lapel Pin

      Unique pin to add to your collection featuring the Wisconsin famous ever gleaming Christmas tree!
      Round metal lapel pin mounted on a white card. It represents, in a stylized way, a ball of yarn. Gold chrome and blue-green enamel.

      Knitting Pin

      Let people know your passion for knitting and all things wool.
      $12.95 $9.71
      Square pin with a white background, a black outline, and black text reading "Votes for Women"

      Votes for Women Lapel Pin

      This pin celebrates the determination, hard work of the Suffragette movement to incur the right for women to vote.
      $5.69 $2.84
      Front of card with the lapel pin in the middle in front of a green illustration of the watering pot. Old World Wisconsin logo on top.

      Watering Pot Lapel Pin

      Watering pot lapel pin from Old World Wisconsin. A gift for the gardener in your lift, or add to your collection!
      Lapel pin shaped as the Wade House historic site logo. The top half of the logo is a man driving a carriage driven by two horses talking to a man and women dressed in old-fashioned clothing. Under that image is the site name "Wade House" in a red banner, and "A Wisconsin Historic Site" underneath.

      Wade House Lapel Pin

      Fun and interesting pin to add to your collection! Features Wade House Historic Site located in Greenbush, Wisconsin!
      $4.95 $3.71
      A blue t-shirt with a cartoon brat sausage in a yellow spotlight says "Brats", underneath "Wisconsin's signature sausage!"

      Brats T-Shirt (small only)

      Perfect for a summer cookout, Bratfest, or for working the grill, this shirt displays your love for brats. Order yours today! Details below.
      $19.95 $9.98
      Black cloth mask with black ear straps. In colored lines making up the letters, the mask text reads "Museum Nerd"

      Museum Nerd Face Mask

      Stay safe and display your museum nerd pride with this protective mask with filter inserts!
      $19.95 $4.99
      Black cloth mask with white straps. One yellow and one blue diagonal slash each run across the mask behind the white text "Votes for Women"

      Votes for Women Face Mask

      Stay safe and celebrate the 100 year anniversary of women's suffrage with our Votes For Women face mask.
      $19.95 $4.99
      Rectangular cloth patch with rounded corners. Black background with large, striped, rainbow font that reads "Museum Nerd".

      Museum Nerd Patch

      Perfect for jeans, jackets, caps, and backpacks. Get your Nerd patch today!
      Museum Nerd sticker with the word "Musuem" on top and the word "Nerd" below. Pinstripe rainbow font on black background.

      Museum Nerd Sticker

      Perfect for notebooks, snowboards, instrument cases, bumpers, and more. Order your Nerd stickers today!
      Blue sock with repeated image of swimming bass and fish hook. Sage green toe, heel, and cuff.

      All About the Bass Sock | Men's

      Comfortable, business-casual bass socks for the fisherman in your life! Fits men's shoe sizes 7-12.5.
      Beer Tap Crew Sock with blue up top on ankle with a beer tap pouring golden beer on the feet with bubbles.

      Beer Tap Crew Sock | Men's

      For the beer aficionado. Perfect for the office or a night out on the town. Fits men's shoe sizes 7-12.5.
      Bird is the Word sock in grey featuring Featuring cardinals, blue jays, robins, chickadees, & owls. Top rim, heel, and toe are blue.

      Bird is the Word Sock | Women's

      Featuring cardinals, blue jays, robins, chickadees, & owls. Wear these when you want to feel "fly"! Fits women's shoe sizes 5 -10.5.
      Busy Bee sock in turquoise green featuring yellow bees and honeycombs.

      Busy Bee Sock | Women's

      Is it time to pollinate your sock drawer with some honey bee fashion? With honeycombs and working bees, this pair is sure to sweeten your wardrobe. Fits Women’s shoe size 5 - 10.5.
      Two gray socks with charcuterie motif design - illustrations of sausages and cheese. Light gray toe cap and cuff.

      Charcuterie Crew Sock | Men's

      Who says charcuterie can't be the main course — or a cool sock design? Fits men's shoe sizes 7-12.5.
      Two red socks with Christmas lights design. Green toe, heal, and cuff.

      Christmas Lights Socks

      Bright and festive, these are sure to be a fun and versatile complement to your holiday wardrobe. Fits women's shoe sizes 5 -10.5.
      Clear Skies sock in dark blue featuring smiley suns and moons in a starry sky. Top edge, heel, and toe are light blue.

      Clear Skies Sock | Women's

      Celestial socks made with soft fabric from bamboo. Dream big. Fits women's shoe sizes 5 -10.5.
      Cow Spot Crew Sock featuring black and white spotted cow patterns with a pink toe.

      Cow Spots Crew Sock | Men's

      Udderly unique cow-spot socks that will amuse your friends and family! These socks contain no actual dairy products. Fits men's shoe sizes 7-12.5
      Cow Spots sock featuring black and white cow spots. Toe is pink.

      Cow Spots Sock | Women's

      Graze your feet into these spotted cow socks and your friends will respond with "udder" amusement. Socks contain no actual dairy products. Fits Women’s shoe size 5 - 10.5.
      Fuzzy red socks with pattern of large white snowflakes.

      Cozy Fair Isle Fun Socks

      Coziest, comfiest sock ever. Fits women's shoe sizes 6 -10.5.
      Two bright blue socks with repeating pink flamingos design.

      Flamingo Sock | Women's

      Why flamingo socks in the Wisconsin Historical Society's online store? On the first day of classes in 1979, plastic flamingos covered UW-Madison's Bascom Hill. It was a prank that continues as a "tradition" today. Fits Women’s shoe size 5 - 10.5.
      Fungi Fanatic Sock in dark grey featuring red mushrooms in different sizes. Top edge, heel, and toe are black.

      Fungi Fanatic Mushroom Sock | Women's

      Make some "shroom" in your sock drawer for this top seller because there's no such thing as too many mushroom socks. (If you are undecided about mushrooms, don't fret. These will grow on you!)
      Hen House sock in red featuring different colored hens sitting and standing. Black/white, brown, and white hens.

      Hen House Sock | Women's

      Cockadoodledoo! These socks are for you! Fits women's shoe sizes 5 -10.5.
      Two "Holiday Pride" socks with rainbow stripe Christmas trees and mulitcolor polka dots. Green toe and heel.

      Holiday Pride Socks

      Festively colorful, these socks are complete with rainbow hued Christmas trees and lights.